Everton is ready to negotiate with Barça for André Gomes


An FC Barcelona The summer decided in summer to go ahead André Gomes before he performed in the club for the last two seasons and although he did not choose to buy for it Everton, the Englishmen start to & # 39; valued living in possession of a football player. The center of Portugal's range has been fully discovered from the dispute that has been a part of eleven Marco Silva and the fact is that he has been a leading player in the English club.

Identify the technician & toffie & # 39; before the media they will try to keep it in a building at the end of the season, although he is aware that it will be difficult to take away from the Barcelona box, "At the right time we have to do something to stay with a player like André He is early, he is happy and we do not want to help us. We will talk about the topic, we will try Barça better to forget something about it … ". Overwhelmingly defeated Everton, five times have been enough for fans to get over. winning the club and the board has already made numbers to buy from Catalan.

Recalling that Everton paid 2.3 million pounds for her; Finish to end to the end of the season, which included the entire file and no approval was purchased in this work, so the English box must pay what Ask them Barça .

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