Everton put Palestein into an important game for coverage and stopped his job


Everton and Palestine set up a main page in the fight without declining and they were the Viñamarinos who gave him breath after they got important in Sausalito for 3 to 0, to work out; he stayed in the first place.

There was a meeting in Viña del Mar to promised that he would have been greatly due to the situation in which they were both and knew they were liable if they did not want to make it harder to go to than B. But, regardless of the need to make points and then clear Successful to stay in & # 39; First World War, the Arabs did not show a little when he visited to the fifth quarter and the locals took a notice to calm themselves.

An the opening of the scoring score quickly, at 6 minutes, with Patricio Rubio accessed the deformed of the environment. Everton got the chance to get the lead in the 40 minutes, when Julio Bascuñán pushed his hand in the area. However, following his fourth-member recommendation, he decided to clear his collection.

Applications of the viñamarinos players did not stop when another criminal came. Again, sign into the Arab region and now the referee, at 44, a & # 39; keep its decision like that Cristián Suárez scored 2-0 when they stopped.

Everton had a final share when the second half was just Start, two minutes later, with a score of Diego Orellana who founded the final 3 to 0 with which the locals breathe in the First and His; possess the permanent. An which affected them a score of 31 pounds and climbed to eleven, moving away to three units in the decline, a situation that is; live in Temuco. So, on the last date, where it is The face of San Luis is complicated, they need a point not to go down, although they lose them, they can also wait if the Pije reach them in different goals.

Palestinians, at the same time, are very tough in the fight for the failure to decline and bother; He was the second one with 29 units, just one of a difference by Sports Temuco. In the last date they will go to. meet Huachipato as a local place, in a timetable to be explained.

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