Every family today should have an electric bike


Car and engineer Nguyen Minh Dong motorcycle.

The conference "Settlements and solutions of renowned transport technology, safety, economy and environmental protection" organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Hanoi, said Nguyen Minh Dong.

There are some suggestions that the motorcycle engine has already been blocked. Your answer is why?

Today there are about 45 million motorcyclists in Vietnam, which prove the use of motorcycles. However, a motorcycle can add to traffic disruptions and environmental pollution to & # 39; most due to people: traffic awareness, such as behavior, & # 39; respect the traffic law of many people. In Europe or Japan, the United States, road users continuously follow traffic laws.

And environmental pollution is because our country has no tightening rules, such as Europe, Japan … gasoline engine cars are everywhere cleaned, but they are & # 39; Using medicine technology The distribution of more pollutant releases should take more than ten times.

Recent research results and major problems such as many alleys, alleys … in Vietnam, are still essential and also increase in urban and rural areas.

What is the reason why you are offering advice to every family in Vietnam for a motorcycle?

A necessary electric motorcycle is required. Even more importantly, the use of a motorcycle is the first to preserve the environment, to protect the health of each family and community. Every time I return to Vietnam and the road I have a respiratory problem. In Vietnam, over 20 million bicycles of uncommon distribution levels (EURO 0, EURO 1) have a bad contamination.

Each family leaves two petrol cars in the house. In the evening, I get the BENZOL gasoline smell (there is no virus-based bicycle protection system in Vietnam), the day has enough polluting caused by a motorcycle, a bicycle. .. purpose.

Although the electricity or electricity cars are the cars out of the net for future decades. Therefore, a larger motorcycle is used to protect their health, family and society.

And protect his pocket page?

There is. The most obvious benefit of electric motors compares to petroleum machinery is economic efficiency.

A 100-kilometer running electric bicycle is equivalent to 1 – 1.5 liter of gasoline, estimated 25,000 to 30,000. I wait for the & # 39; VinFast motorcycle to be tested, work out what this car carries out; economic efficiency compared to gasoline cars.

Also at this conference, VinFast also described a very promising economic efficiency. For example, compare the price and cost of VinFast Klara's five-year petrol and electric gasoline engine gasoline, saving up to 51 crore. %. In terms of fuel costs, if gasoline vehicles cost about 30-35 million (gas), the cost of Klara is only 1.3 million (electricity). This cost is calculated over time at gas, electricity listed on market, with an average speed of one-city residents (about 30km) …

Even with an electric car, a formula is very common for drivers: if the average gasoline carries 10 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers of urban roads, electric cars are usually used; less cost. has changed from 2.0 to 3 petrol liters per 100 km. With this simple account, every electric car user has saved hundreds of thousands of dunes for every 100 kilometers.

As a specialist in automobile technology, what do you think about when you are? watch VinFast electric motors?

I saw the engineer & parade F1 & # 39; VinFast has been equipped with prestigious features, connected to a digital phone to control battery, travel, lock and car … War bikes are very important in business; In Vietnam, the technology development move is to connect and connect to; creating a renowned and interesting urban transport system in Vietnam. With this start, I believe that there will be more exciting technologies that integrate into VinFast electric generators, such as the ABS (Anti-Lock Brake Assist) system.

Looking at the VinFast exhibition, I am also pleased to be able to. using this technology, European technology and other technology and technology in Japan and Korea. VinFast bicycles show that Vingroup is a & # 39; Especially looking at the quality of cars, for the peace of mind and the trust of customers.

In general Vietnam and Vingroup in particular, from research, production, business spending, the human factor is the most important thing. In this technology, we can buy technology quickly, but to train new researchers and new technicians, we have to have a timetable and a reasonable strategy. I think Vingroup is a & # 39; buy technology and develop VinFast car "tailor" according to needs, taste today's customers in the right and appropriate way.

They also invest significantly in research and development. This is a new, new way. So, I support VinFast's auto car and I hope this is a 24-million Vietnamese family tool. I believe in about 10 years, a motorcycle is responsible for 50% or even more of the total number of motorcycles in Vietnam.

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