Every year, the company has earned £ 1 million a month.


Le Lehh Nhan, Head of Marine Food, has been shared with us at the recently launched Business Online Forum in HCMC.

Before establishing a seafood, a company that specializes in the distribution of seafood internally and outside the country, Le Thanh Nhan has started and failed by a company with over $ 1 million per month.

$ 1 million per month, which still failed

Le Thanh Nhan, lecon mara director Lecon Seafoods, told the story of the failure of his post-graduate business, and the move is given at the "sublimation".

In 2006, Nhan started a seafood company. Just a week after the official opening of the office, the first contract is a Russian buyer at LeNn Nhan. This visitor includes seafood to Russia.

"When I start a business, I just have enough money to build an office. One day, a Russian visitor should go through the office and its # 39; see the word of seafood visiting the lecture and wanting to include seafood back home. After 2 days working with this, my company has signed up to the first contract for a week and then I did a lot of other major contracts, "said Nhan.

Le Thanh Nhan, Chief Executive of Leconfoods.

Then, the original company of the company started rapidly. Income grew significantly to over $ 10 million a year. That's over $ 1 million a month.

However, according to Mr Nhan, when things are too successful, it is also the start of business problems.

Between 2006 and 2010, the success of its company has been successful. show how income rises dramatically. At that time, Nhan went over to work with foreign partners and sold most of the major supermarkets in the world.

In 2011, its company has turned officially. In addition to the competitive market in seafood it is strong big turning Most of the time financial risks began within its; company appears.

In 2011, its financial fallacies began to emerge.

"This is a result when businesses are only focusing on getting income but to forget about the inside storm, financial information will be provided," said Nhan.

In 2013, Nhan and his company can not get up. In 2014, its company was officially broken into credit, debts were built up. "At that time, there was a wonderful mood, a day-to-day image of the jigsaw. Problem solving, constraint and constant uncertainty about yourself. The thought of killing itself is always in remember because many people continue without any salary … "Nhan said.

After a year of drinking, in 2015, he said, he started to stand from the failures and began to include seafood from countries all over the world, The new start of the Lecon Seafoods. Leconfoods was then invested by a huge investor.

Lessons learned about failing to start $ 1 million have been created every month

You can change your settings at any time. first, He was in charge of financial administration when the former company was head.

"Most directors do not read the financial report, this is a big mistake of the business," he said. Businesses can be on paper on paper but businesses are still in danger at risk, they do not have insurance payments, payroll workers.

According to Mr Nhan, the founder can not be good at finance but should be read to find out where the list is, how much bank debt.

"Bad debt, the negative cash flow the business is dead right in the future," said Lecon Foods.

Secondly, Beginning companies, often unpaid. So, when you do not pay, the founder as you cost, how will you go? live? "It is a company but you will give money to the company to buy a car, drink. A company" will be a " entertaining ", without paying you the financial money. In the report, money was not spent," said Thanh Nhan.

Third place It's a short story to build. In particular, short-term income will be built for long-term farming.

"It's the business capital of the supplier, the bank's capital city to invest in the office. These are long-term resources. When the cash flow is cut, there is no money for not The building is not good, "he continued on Nhan.

When you're sorry, you will invite you to drink a little bit of bottle. But tomorrow, the thing is still, unresolved. You do not want help but you are not.

Otherwise, it's difficult, Nhanna invited her friends to be together, drink a little bit of bottle. But it does not solve anything due to tomorrow, the problem is still there. You do not help but you are not. You are self-confident but the problem is not yet resolved.

"When you are in need of reluctance, return yourself," said Nhan.

They investigated reflection and wanted to go down to solve the problem. He has played fun to be healthy, back to himself.

Travel and new origin

At the end of his story, Nhanan said he had raised Lecon SeaFoods, who will be involved in the delivery of seafood. To date, partners at this start are Golden Gate, Pullman Hotel …

"New Beginning, Leconfoods, more sustainable. I am also healthy, mentally and physically to sail through the boat," said at the end of his speech.

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