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And then all things in Yaba, there were not many families in that; community that had no board business. Everyone has a position as a millionth throughout the night. Seeing the poor situation, the boy went into business at one time and the money in money. Getting a lot of money, it's just my son, he's a & # 39; retired (employing). No one stopped anyone, so we did not stop his boy. Why are the obstacles, the good people in this community have to do this. No one would say this is an offense. "The words said, the sister of Ali Ahmad, of Jina Para, of Yaba Karbari Sabrang, surrendered in Teknaf Pilot High School ground Saturday.

He said, "At that time we did not realize that the business of their husbands was not an act of grain. Today the minister said and the police leader was sleeping. Today, we realized that we have made a mistake by supporting family members in the Yaba business indirectly. No other member of any other family can be involved in the activity hate this as Yaba.

Thousands of people have gathered from town to town in the morning since the event celebrated Saturday's surrender ceremony at the time. By 10 am, the place was full of places. Many of the guests enjoyed the ceremony at the roofs of different houses and buildings without going out on the field. On the event, members of the family of Yaba Karbari surrendered as everything came as well. They had been embarrassing and pronounced by the surrender of the Yaba brothers in front of thousands of people.

In the last step of the surrender service, family members went on to look after them long & as they were bringing Yaba campaigners back to police care. At this time many people broke tears. Jinnat Begum, Nur Habib's mother, of Naityangpara, surrendered at Teknaf Municipality at the time, said, "Given how many people Yaba is committing as a behaviour, I feeling very embarrassing as a mother. But there is little comfort that the boy will not make a business from here.

Yaba karabari is one of the most complex equipment that is living in Ghana Hasan came to see his wife Latifa Begum. He said, & once; and that my husband was also involved in the shop business. We were afraid of what happened to the person at Yaba Karbari. But we are pleased that the government allowed them to return from Yaba through their surrender.

At the same time, the old teacher and teacher of Teknaf Upazila Crime Prevention Committee, who surrendered, said "Today is a little help for us today. In the future, whether Yaba is or is not or not, it's a huge collection of how thousands of people have been fighting against Yaba. We now have responsibility for raising awareness of this by creating social movements against Yaba. "

Bank officials, Mohammad Abdullah, said: "Even today if people of Theknaf are involved in Yaba, it will not be more sad. The event is our sin and our shame another. & # 39;

Rahima Akhtar, a second year student of Ceum Teknaf College, said, "In our society, drug businessmen would continue with bravery so long. , despite being involved in hate crimes such as Yaba, they did not have any obstacles. In many cases, they also had an impact on money resources on their social status. But I think people at Teknaf has a solution to today's Yaba business. In order to stop Yaba, people should identify the society of Yaba Karbara as an unlawful criminal activity and opposed the opposition Yaba campaign.

On the other hand, among the complaints, in the service, among others, including Abdur Rahman Badi, 14 relatives, 8 people, including family family of the family, respected Yaba Karbari spent. From the beginning of rehabilitation, surrender is astonished at all. Many hiding a person's identity with shame.

In the morning, Minister of the Interior Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal and Police General Inspector of Dr Syed Ashraful Islam attended the Teknaf Pilot High School ground in the morning. Senior administrative officers, including Javed Patwari, were also present. In this, approximately 102 Yaba activists were transported from the end after they had been able to go. Withdrawal of drug trafficking by replacing 350,000 back and 30 weapons.

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