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We know only about the new mobile iOS 13 operating system, which is due to be released for the first time in June at Apple's WWDC 19 event; however, the new system will seem to make significant changes to Apple's devices from end to end. What are the most impressive features of iOS 13?

iOS 13 iPhone and iPads will make much more efficient. Apple was supposed to be slow on Apple to make an average move for a long time. IOS 13 will provide a brand new interface for iPads. There is still no visual reduction on the Internet; but today we see a contrasting image from the interface we see on iPads, and this image is for iPads only.

IOS 13 is another important innovation that is in night mode. As you may know, many applications have begun to move to the night itself. Evening mode, which both save power and extends the battery life of the phone, also makes the eyes easier to use in the dark, because the eyes are not as tired. The iOS 13 will be able to change to night mode. As you already know, Macs is already given an evening mode of the MacOS operating system. Now it has iOS 13!

With the new renewal, we get a lot of innovations, including new Animojies and improved health features.

But, iOS 13 means that some phones will lose support for iOS updates. IPhone 5S and all remaining iPhones will be removed from this update. (Freedom)

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