Everything has not been lost. Bitcoin was added up to $ 4000 :: RBC.Krypto


Increase the cost of its first 9.5% cryptography over the last day, expanding total capitalization to & # 39; 10% market – from $ 120 billion to $ 132 billion

On Monday, November 26, the average value of the Bitcoin market was to $ 4,100, on Sunday, it placed at least $ 3,600. Over the last day, the price of up to 9% was charged, Most of the largest green crystallization trading in the "green belt". The XRP Ripple indicator starts 10.7%, to $ 0.38, Ethereum – with 9.9%, to $ 117.

The total value of digital money market has grown by $ 12 billion, now it is $ 132 billion, in January 2018 this figure was more than $ 830 billion. Twitter users WookieFund were comparing the cards of the first installment for 2014 and 2018, and at this time they are close to the same. If events happen according to the previous setting, by March 2019, the Bitcoin level will be; drops to $ 2000, after which it will start to grow again and by 2020 it can reach $ 100 miles.

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