Everything to know about Mother Vernita Lee at Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey has blessed her mother Vernita Lee.

The 83-year-old Missing Home Attendees died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lee lived on hard life, working as a maid and raising three children.

Winfrey told Barbara Walters in an interview in 2010 that she dropped off her mother and father after succeeding Oprah Winfrey ExhibitionSouth Westerly

"[I wanted] to look after and to do & # 39; give them and make sure they never had to ask for anything while they tried to do me, "said the mogul.

Although Lee's last years spent in comforting his home, his life was not far from easy. Here's everything to know about a mother four.

He was born in the Deep South

Lee was born on May 2, 1935, and worked as a house-house for her life. She was only 18 when she met Vernon Winfrey and spent one night with her who led her famous poetess.

Shortly after Winfrey was born in 1954 in Mississippi, Lee moved to Milwaukee to leave his daughter behind her mother, Hattie Lee. Winfrey was built by her grandmother for her first six years of her life.

Oprah out to her Father

In 1998, Winfrey told Barbara Walters that she was a difficult teenager as she was grow up with her mother.

"I usually used to run away from home, I would bring boys home and give up problems for himself," said the mogul.

All changed when Lee informed Winfrey to stay with her father in Tennessee.

"I was 14 and then I went to live with my dad," said Winfrey. "And that ended it. He finished it. He was so tough because he knew what he had to deal with."

Patricia Amanda Faye Lee, Vernita Lee and Oprah Winfrey

Patricia Amanda Faye Lee, Vernita Lee and Oprah Winfrey

Self Communications

Calling off

Lee's four children were born but Jeffrey Lee was son in 1989 and the daughter of Patricia Lee Lloyd in 2003.

Out of her, lost, & # 39; tell your local Milwaukee TMJ4 station in May 2007 that its Christian faith helped her to drag through tragic deaths.

"I am a Christian woman and if you are a Christian man, it helps you to deal with such situations," she said. "I spent a lot of time with Oprah and Jeffrey and Patricia."

Meet with the Nine who put her for Adoption

Interviewed in 2007 with Milwaukee's daughter Lee Patricia Amanda Faye Lee's birth station to find out that Lee was a mother.

In 2011, Winfrey invited Patricia Oprah Winfrey Exhibition after finding out that she had a half-sister. In a summary of the exhibition, Patricia said she was constantly "thinking about who my mother was and she's staying 10 minutes away in the same town. I'm sorry."

Winfrey added to her audience, saying to them, "A few months ago, thanks to Thanksgiving, I found out that I had no half-sister. I did not even know that my mother gave up a baby for adoption in 1963. "

"I can not tell you how many times I did a story like this Oprah Winfrey ExhibitionIt is not necessary to say, something that you need to process, "continues.

Winfrey's mother never told the show's host about the adoption "because I thought it was a terrible thing that I did," according to Mobile siteSouth Westerly

"I made my decision because I can not take care of it," she said.

Winfrey said she was coming to a decision with her mother's decision, saying, "To my mother, I say," You can let this shame go. ""

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