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On Earth Day Against Atopic Dermatitis.

Cruding can be difficult, both visible and with a & # 39; meaning they are causing. People who live with this type of skin condition are normal and one of these is atopic dermatitis. So, we consulted the dermatologist Eduardo De Carli (MN: 58176) to explain what's and what we can do about it.

"Atopic dermatitis – also known as atopic eczema – is a shrub skin illness It is not a shame and can appear at any time of life"The professional starts.

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It is shown with red spots (erymama), screenshots and skulls, with a lot of itching and, although it can appear in any place on its; body, It is usually in the predatory zones (knees, knees, crotch, neck). Typically, it will be determined by checking those crimes, although biopsy may be identified, if necessary.

An reasons There are many reasons for this case: "And there may be genetic divisions, although there are environmental reasons – bonds, humidity, and food – if the specialist specializes in warning Is it essential to find out that the patient does not have celiac disease – please contact types of cloth, soap and glasses, characters- ".

Atopic dermatitis it's going to happen soon, that is, there is a breach of the patient and calm times. "This is usually a case and is related to the stress and causes of climate. In general, the disease It looks like early in early age and usually overshadows. In any case, when it is widespread, the life of the patient can become fascinating, "said De Carli.

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How do we care for ourselves? The dermatologist listed some suggestions for reminder:

– Are there short devices, to avoid being injured and the area is converted.

– Wear cotton clothes.

– Keep the skin largely irrigated, both inside and out: take 2.5 liters of water (water, tea) and eggs using urea and vitamin A, which are natural speakers;

– Look at the diet.

– Use neutral jabs and personal glazed materials without decoration.

– Be aware, in every case, which can be the limitations of the programs.

What if, despite everything, appears? The dermatologist usually orders, according to his / her case, h mph East North Easterly -Creams without a corticosteroids- and antihistamines with a beul, trying to avoid corticosteroids by mouth.

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