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There is no doubt that Capcom is coming Evil Resident 2 there's one remake the most adventurous video games in 2019, with players who wish to return to Raccoon City or not even visit her; zombie-infested town for the first time. Now, it is likely that some external fans who are so passionate about starting to have a list of the PlayStation 4 Prize list have been over a few weeks ahead of the launched.

A good look at the Evil Resident 2 The remake prize list shows that 42 in each group are collected, with a & # 39; Most of them include the basic games elements set out in a number of promoters before they went out. Indeed, there are plenty of Hidden Trophies players who also open, some of which have a " including STORIESThose who do not think they can learn several planning points before performing, can find the full, unlimited list here.











Given that the prizes shown in the images are extremely light on points, it is worth mentioning those who are not mentioned that Capcom has decided Evil Resident 2 a revitalization report will be close to the & # 39; The first one is, but there are new elements here and there. For example, the publisher and developer revealed that the story is not exactly the same in the remake. What's bigger than even a new area called The Orphanage for players that will meet them.

Everything that is being considered, it is safe to say that there are plenty of old soldiers and humans both willing to do; find out that the situation is reconciled Evil Resident 2 for everyday hardship, especially when it is launched this month. However, however, Capcom will take players on each stage with a game demo to give them a better idea of ​​what kind of content they will meet before purchasing the title.

Evil Resident 2 It will be launched on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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