Evita was calm and enthusiastic, but she did not give her parents a smile: after three months she changed the girl suddenly


Arunė and Valentinas are young parents. When Evita was her firstborn, the mother's mother was still a scholar. In the eleventh phase, Panevezys realized that his romantic friendship with his lover from Ramygala had taken a cross on the family doorstep – his / her twin started. Wait for a new life and get married immediately.

Despite this remarkable surprise for young parents, according to her mother, she was very welcome to her; baby and was born as the greatest happiness.

Translated by fullness and maternal feelings, Arunė's fear of unsuccessful science was pushed in one way. A young mother believed that she would gain a qualification of quality when she grew up and continued to learn. However, these plans last for the first months after their birth, He found out that the baby had a serious health problem from birth.

When the Evita was a little three months old, the child suddenly changed: she stopped sleeping, the parents noted that the child was laughing, the family did not respond, he did not have a toy in toys and he was not even and see them.

Life penalty

Then, according to A. Kareckienė, his trip began to doctors regularly.

"Evita is our firstborn. We were waiting for it, we were doing it. When we discovered that we were a daughter, we were happy: There would be a little princess, we would play together, we would learn to draw, dance, dress and go home with a pink dress, "a & # 39; remembers A. Kareckienė.

There was suspicion that the unlawful behavior of her / her women was to get water, with the chief of his / her head; Find a little water in the head of the baby should not be. This test and risky drugs have proven confidence to young parents. But for a short time.

The worry of the child was disturbing him. Evita's behavior was seven months against a healthy child almost four months behind. Doctors Panevėžys and Vilnius began to look for girls' illnesses. Even to be & # 39; describing the real causes of the disorder, has been offered to the mother to handle her daughter's disability disability documentation. It was a great sentence. to Arūne.

"There was something for me then – I felt terrible and I cried all the time." Many thoughts have come to mind: why this happened, what, "said Kareckiene.

A woman is believer, with the help of good people who are still in a position; show what is possible, but that needs time and effort.



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A pregnant woman with difficulty

Mammals include thoughts that her baby's health is declining when she is pregnant. Because everything was normal before the eighth month, but then the emphasis on the waiting panevezys started. So, a young woman was in hospital several times, and later she confirmed her condition to confirm. One week before the birth, Arūne was advised to try, but she did not need it, she started and she was very relaxed. Six times, her mother was already in a position; keep her baby in her hands.

"When she was born, she put her out in her coffin. She was not crying, just blowing bubbles," said the spokesman. – At some point, I listen to doctors who may have my weight when I was damaging my daughter. Then it was told that it could happen because of that, but he did not know it completely. "

Efforts to accept Evolution Only after a broad investigation, when Evita was not yet young, the parents knew that it was a congenital hydrocephalus (fluom cerebrospinal fluid) and a mixed development disorder in a & # 39 ; their firstborn. A year later, a diagnosis of a cerebral dyskinesia party was adopted. The causes for marked diseases are still unidentified.

For four years, the Panevėžys Development Center and private experts have had a lot of revival exercise. He was sent to the sanatorium several times and went to a special nursery where many specialists were involved. The parents try to help the girl at home by using it.

Today, the child's development responds to the behavior of a baby to a child, he is still not a child; sit, speak, and # 39; respond to the environment. She does not eat the girl herself; But, push into the pedestrian to & # 39; pushing, moving, sometimes and step by step. At one time there was a suspicion that the child could not see. However, she says she is hearing and listening to her. see, but that it differs to different people. After listening to the music, a & # 39; watch a movie by phone, calm down, draw attention, like a lazy. Evita shows her feelings by going to # 39; laughing, mourning, angry.



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"It is sometimes difficult to tell me about because it seems to be moving and sometimes it will handle toys or stronger sounds, and sometimes it's just wild, to scratch and respond to anything. It's bad, we often ride a lot on the previous wheelchair, now it's not It's now nice, "said Mum.

Especially it is difficult for parents to take this child's evenings, even to cure her for the baby to sleep.

I had no doubt of birth again

And on the day of conversation, A. Kareckienė introduced her to sleep a little. "It was not the worst night here, it was worse. We slept in the hospital recently because of half night the girl was screaming. ; yes, but the doctors did not get anything wrong, and perhaps just hard, "she said.

In the first year, the child was often in hospital and prevented bronchitis prevention. Now, Evita does not need a lot of medical help. And the mother herself is more calm – she has arranged with the child's condition.

"I took it out, use me," said Arūnas. Her joy became her second son, who is now a winner. He is already willing to communicate with her sister, giving her a bottle as well for her. Ask if I was scared to & # 39; Birth again, A. Kareckiene said worrying was rising after other problems were heavy.

"It was a bit worried when the end of women came back, but I did not let me get frightened and I thought everything would be right," said Arūnas.

Emigrated to Sweden

A. Kareckienė believes that her grandmother will also be pregnant. show what she can do, but she does not need time and effort. "I hope you walk around once, you need more work and effort. It's the only remedy for revival," she said.

When Evita was only one year old, her father Valentin was working in Sweden to keep her family and ensure her daughter's continued revival. After his son's son, Arūnas was resumed last year. The family had been aiming to live abroad to all: he had been studying the formulas needed to make her own medical care, Arunė expected to learn Sweden and look for work. But after six months, the woman decided to return to Lithuania.

He lived in a Swedish village too hard for parents to stay in. raising a child with disabilities. "There was a little bit of road before the nearest local doctor. The person had to do an excuse for the work every time, and in Lithuania, I responded to my own children. And in the -Supported, there were no sightseeing doctors. Everything is different in Lithuania, "sure Panevezietė, who loved emigration.

She remembered the case when she turned to doctors in Sweden for a casualties that could have happened. The doctors did not then have an interest in their stomach, and they did not submit any research or drug to her / her; woman and offer to see her later.

"It was very important to know what I should do if something else happened," said the young woman.



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Dreamer needs help

Arunė returned to his own Panevezys over a week ago and had just returned to work in Sweden. According to her, life is now working again due to its re-movement, but her mother's mother care is already running a routine routine. So, the communicator can sometimes think about himself.

"I did not finish 12 classes because Evita was born. I was with her, let my girl go to the nursery and I wanted to finish the school, but the girl was often sick. I plan to have kids out in girls, if the girls are good health, to learn or to work, "23 Kareckiene is a" talk about the future. Arunė does not yet know what area she wants to achieve. Previously, she has to influence another important work for her girlfriend.

Parents want to take it to a resurgent clinic in Slovakia, where a number of children with a disability from Lithuania have achieved successful results. Only two weeks of expensive rehabilitation costs – around 5,000 euros. And you need to get there any time.

"We can not collect this sum, so we want help. The girl is really moving, we hope, with the help of specialists, it will be possible strengthen her even more and her daughter will start to sit and perhaps walk. We are very grateful to the opportunities he has given us. There were very hard days, many tears, migration but the Evita smile is more surprising than anything in the world. We look at it and try to do everything we do, "Arūnas is seeking help from good people.

Who helps the family raise money for the Evita revival in Slovakia – support information:

Tenderers: Arūnė Kareckienė

A. s .: LT617300010127708091 (Swedbank)

Reason Reason: Support for Evita

PayPal: [email protected]

The girl has already earned € 3,000, and on Monday she was told by her mother.

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