Ex-Janus Henderson Formica Header Combined with Advisory Board; company is rich


Janus Henderson, Former Chief Executive, Andrew Formica, has been involved in the advisory board of a wealthy councilor Manchester-Artorius – one of his first posts from leaving the & # 39 ; property manager earlier this year.

Formica was withdrawn from Janus Henderson's leadership post in August after his election to Dick Weil's board was only Director. He will be involved in other names in the City of Artorius, including James Leigh-Pemberton, vice president of the UK Government Tasks.

The company, which is £ 810m managed and its offices in Manchester, London and Zurich, have raised £ 17.5m from shareholders in money-making. Reservoirs include Formica and other financial services professionals and entrepreneurs.

Ian Marsh, Artorius CEO, said: "Artorius has been renowned for the newly appointed advisory members and have given a great deal of support to our specific business model and our approach so far. We have access to valuable board level skills as well as an authoritative mix of continuity and new scenes. "

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