Examine the status of forest fires


An National Forestry Forestry (Conaf) reported on Wednesday 70 active wild fire. Of those who have 12 controls and 37 were abolished.

This happens in the middle wave of heat announced by the Meteorological Management of Silein, which will affect the Coquimbo, Valparaíso and Metropolitan areas since Wednesday.

The tallest teas Over 30 Celsius degrees for at least three days. In this case, the preamble is to Friday, January 4.

The following forest fires are the ones that have the greatest impact they even cause Red Squirrels.

Department of Valparaíso

Viña del Mar

In the early hours of this Thursday, fire activists Viña del Mar identified a new focus of forest woodland recorded in the region Reñaca Alto.

According to the witness of the event, its wind is Strengthening the expansion of the flames, however, it was reported that the flames were ruled out, and avoiding potential hazard to the department's homes.

Also, in Viña del Mar the flames that affected the upper part were town, where they were already lost 5.9 hectares. The emergencies in the evening began in the Las Pataguas 2 section, which reached the edge of its " town.


Ann German affecting the final section of El Progreso, where he has already eaten 35 hectares and where there is also 6 houses affected.

Santo Domingo

In the category San Guillermo Santo Domingo also has Ruairidh Dearg for a wood fire that has already been cleared 30 hectares.


Firefighters from Valparaíso go to a fire named in the La Pólvora road section during hours this Thursday.

In the category Tranque La Luz 2 there is a lost forest fire 4 hectares.

Metropolitan Area


In contrast, in Lamp also said Red Alert with a wooded fireplace threatened by houses that spent 15 hectares in the San José Chac

However, It was already in control and the probation test was suspended.


In the category The City of the Dominican Republic Pudahuel had recorded a forest fire, but he is now extinct, with 26 impact.

Department of Higgins


Those are the latest ones La Polcura at Christmas, O & Higgins area. Red Alert was allocated and is already 20 hectares are caught at home risk.


In the Ensenada division in Malloa there 38 hectares were caught with a wood fire. Decision Yellow warning of risk to vegetation.

Maule Region

San Javier

In the category Melozal Norte In San Javier there was a forest fire that is affected 40 hectares are removed and already under control.


In the El Boldo there 0.01 hectares Accompanying a forest fire. A golden bailiff was cut.

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