Exankank and Ms. Chu Thi Binh will meet in court today Money


In terms of losing customers' savings at the HCMC Eximbank Branch, Eximbank has told his ideas.

So for civil matters in the case, Eximbank said: "The legitimate rights of consumers are always Eximbank's priority."

The bank said, without refusing its obligation to buyers.

According to Eximbank, the trial session on November 22 1818 will show the object of the object, and protect the rights and rights of the parties involved.

"Exankank and its users will comply with the effective court judgment", said Eximbank.

In terms of crime cases, Eximbank said he would respecting the findings of the research carried out by the relevant authorities and the court's intentions that belong to the defenders in the case, Legal issues Consider the factors in motor crime, family circumstances and defenders' opinion.

"Exankank expects to be sensible, both psychosystems and educational judgments to help them become a good citizen, benefiting society and demonstrating legal tolerance." , Eximbank said.

According to this bank, in order to strengthen the strengthening of risk, the Bank has continued to improve the processes and methods associated with the savings deposits. In addition, Eximbank also advised customers not to cover the documents and delete their documents; Provide documents to bank staff in any format to avoid unnecessary risks.

Previously, as 18/8/2018, Eximbank and Chu Thi Binh, a user has completed the completion of 100% of the original savings due to the final judging of the court for both sides to implement it.

Thuy Vinh

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