Excellent air bugs break masts from the abdomen to attract companions



IMAGE CREATED: The researchers tried tiny packages ( tAgalmatium bilobum, in the photograph. [Note wings are removed] and view more

Credit: L.-R. Dàranogouk

Plants could be small, but they attract friends from abroad by promoting an earthquake call on stems and leaves of plants by using swift motions, a rhythm on the abdomen. In a new edition published in March 12 in the open access journal PLOS Biology, researchers at Oxford University demonstrate how an newly-discovered “snapping organ” can be used to help courtship pairing of the two species to produce this vibrating movement through a variety of forms muscle movement and elastic re-return.

By creating tree trunks that need to travel well throughout planting material, mechanical power will need to be suddenly released – many times faster than it could be achieved through t taking action directly through the tiny muscles for the plants.

The authors of the new survey have found that the secrets of releasing energy from the upper energy are suddenly contradictory, to a similar extent to a catapult, but to the difference that the energy stored is distributed to The outer curve, which begins to appear, brings the movement of the abbey that is appearing up again. This is achieved by a complex religious structure known as “the mapping body”, because of the distance with which it opens and closed.

The new discoveries were as intended. “I was checking the 3D images of copiers I had collected using X-ray imagery in portable accelerator, trying to understand the evolving relationships between different organizations,” she added. the main author of the study, Leonidas-Romanos Davranoglou, said. "But when I removed the bugs in a virtual position on my computer, I realized immediately that I was looking at something completely new and so I decided to do some more research."

The researchers gathered hundreds of live planes from the surrounding hills at Athens, which they took back to their work in Oxford to complete exams. To understand the organisation's breeding system, new microtomography, laser vibrometry, reliable microscope, and speed-fast video recordings were used. The scientists then came with the Vibration and Unetyty Lab at the Department of Engineering Engineering Oxford to construct a theoretical model of the device. The vibration organ was present in all the different families of seashore, showing that the whole group of bugs are experts in this unusual way of communication.

“These insects include several species of economically important pests, including the brown copper, which are among the worst in the developing world. said, "co-author, Dr Beth Mortimer." Understanding how these insects might be able to demonstrate to each other can help in breaking their communication channels or finding their phones. to the ear, the planners have been using their own new style of communication with those that might not be there. "

Although the body is found new, the buggy method uses an old method of communication, going back at least 250 million years ago, to the start of the riot.


In your cover, use this URL to access the free article PLOS Biology: http: // magazines.plos.org /plosbiology /section? id =10.1371 /magazine.pbio.3000155

Citation: Davranoglou L-R, Cicirello A, Taylor GK, Mortimer B (2019) Copper bugs will use a circuitous fast circuit device to communicate effectively at a small body size. PLoS Biol 17 (3): e3000155. https: //doi.org /10.1371 /magazine.pbio.3000155

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