Excellent "Hot-he": ST Ford New Focus with PHOTO 280p


Ford has pictures and sporting techniques, ST ST of the new Focus available for petrol and diesel engines.

New Focus of ST Launched officially on Monday after they had passed over the autumn "pie" pictures A car unveiled unveiled outside of this model.

Given that the secret design was not, it's the biggest device to be & # 39; Introducing an EcoBoost Turbo 2.3-liter petrol engine to replace an earlier petrol engine.

The new restaurant carries 280 cms at 5,500 rpm and its; Develop 420 Nm of maximum fosgs from 3,000-4,000 rpm.

As measured in Ford, there is an increase in 12% strength and a torque of 17% compared to the former manufactured by a two-liter generator.

The product says that the new Focus ST 0-100 km / h is accelerated in less than 6 seconds, not to # 39; a small weather specification.

For the first time, the Ford Focus ST is equipped with different electrical variables (eLSD) to ensure a more stable and stable car, and the train can select a range of pre- defined, both "slow" and "racing" modes.

For users who enjoy the diesel engines, Ford has also prepared a 2.0-liter EcoBlue turbo device.

This engine provides 190p at 3,500 rpm, length & # 39; The largest torque at 400 Nm and 2,000-3,000 rpm is available.

The two drives are consistently co-ordinated with a 6-fast or early 7 hand fast-touch.

Automatically re-move the bats with the arm boxes for a handheld on a wheelchair.

Focus ST's new focus is in front of the audience of the Deer Deer in the Roller, and will be available in different shebs with 5 doors, and also in the shape of the vehicle.

Sales in Europe start summer, and prices are not yet listed.

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