Exchange rate: the weak official hryvnia against the dollar, strengthened the face of the euro – Economy


The U.S. National Bank has established an officer The hryvnia with the dollar Monday, November 26, at present 27,7958 UAH / USD, weak the national money against the dollar with five kopecks compared to the previous working day (UAH 27,7458 / USD on Friday, November 23). The euro is located at 31.5538 UAH / Euro (November 23 – UAH 31.6385), 10 rubles – 4.2329 UAH / ruble (November 23 – UAH 4,2291).

Government in the Ukraine draft statistical budget for 2019 at the end of next year, the national money in terms of the dollar at 29.4 UAH / USD level. The Ukrainian business says at 30 UAH / dollar.

International level & Poor's Global Ratings rank is a company; exchange rate expectations at the end of this year at 29.5 UAH / USD. By the end of next day – 30.30 UAH / dollar. In 2020, it reaches a rate of 31.20 UAH / USD, and in 2021 – 32.10 UAH / USD.

Ministries at its banking bank Goldman Sachs is a proof of growth National money in a 12 month vision and by the end of 2018 to 24.8 UAH / dollar.

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However, accordingly the prejudice of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine (MEDT), according to current year results, it is expected that the hryvnia exchange rate will decrease from 28.1 to 28.5 UAH / USD again to 29.4 UAH / USD at the end of 2019. A smooth reduction of national money 3.2% annually, and by the end of 2021 the rate reaches 30.7 UAH / USD.

Prior to strengthening some of the national monies over the last two months, a decrease in the amount a slight but sharp dimension. Moving back from the highest point of 28.49 UAH / USD stopped the future apocalyptic republic of the hryvnia, but left a number of questions. Read more about the main causes of the processes that are; affecting the course. read in Basil Bashko's materials "On the exchange rate without alchemy" and "On the exchange rate without alchemy-2"in the week" Mirror of the week. Ukraine. "

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