Exchange rates for the US Door, Saudi Riyal and its rest of the money


We offer all our invaluable visitors Favorite Places ( Sunday 11/18/2018 The price of the dollar, the Saudi government and other funds, is to find many of the Egyptians, especially those who work in stock money, for Cash Fees On a daily basis, therefore we will update prices when there is occasional change, and all prices are set out in a table that is updated; including selling and selling price for all money, whether Arab or foreign, is the Egyptian note. Qatari Riyal, Jordanian Dinar, Kuwaiti Dinar, UAE Dirham).

Money money on Sunday 18-11-2018

Witnesses Favorite Places ( Sustainable situation, after falling in the last week, it has been different United Kingdom today Between 17.85 to 17.95 not, as long as it is The euro today It has risen slightly in a few banks, where there is an average price between 20.33 and 20.58 not, in terms of its price The Saudi Riyal today It is still high especially when the pilgrimage journey, and the holiday season, is recorded Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today Between 4.74 to 4.79 pounds, either The Kuwaiti Dinar level today It fell in most of the banks, and the average price was between 57.90 and 58.98 pounds, and we offers the sale and sale prices of Arab monies and the most important foreign countries against the Egyptian note.

Dollar, Euro and other foreign currency

The money market in Egypt suffers a difference between the elevations and the altars, where it reaches an average United Kingdom today In banks 17.78 for purchase, and the average selling price of 17.88 pounds Euro price The average price of the banks is 20.32 for purchase and 20.56 for sale.

Money Purchase price Sales price
US Door 17.86 17.96
European Euro 20.03 20.29
Pound Sterling 22.67 23.29
Dala Canada 13.41 13.53
Swiss French 17.64 17.80

Exchange rates today

In terms of Arab funds, sustainability is recorded Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today In the Swiss Bank of 4.76, the sale of 4.78, and the average price of AED 4.84 for purchase and 4.87, was sold at a price, while the following prices are Arabic monies in some of the banks.

  • Saudi Riyal exchange rates
  1. Central Bank of Egypt: 4.76 for purchase, and 4.79 for sale.
  2. Banque du Caire: 4.76 for purchase, and 4.79 for sale.
  3. Bank of Egypt: 4.75 for purchase, and 4.77 for sale.
  • Kuwait Trading Level
  1. Bank Audi: 58.85 for purchase, and 59.15 for sale.
  2. International Commercial Bank: 58.67 for purchase, and 59.15 for sale.
  3. Credit Agricole Èipheit: 58.18 for purchase, and 59.12 for sale.
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  1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank: 4.88 for purchase, 4.90 for sale.
  2. Central Bank of Egypt: 4.86 for purchase, 4.89 for sale.
  3. Bank of Alexandria: 4.84 for purchase, and 4.88 for sale.
  • Bahrain Dinar Trading Rates
  1. Banque du Caire: 45.79 for purchase, and 47.64 for sale.
  2. Bank of Egypt: 47.19 for purchase, and 47.46 for sale.
  3. Bank of Alexandria: 46.44 for purchase, and 47.62 for sale.
  • Omani Register
  1. Bank of Egypt 46.21 for purchase, and 46.47 for sale.
  2. Credit Agricole Èipheit 45.97 pounds for purchase, and 46.65 for sale.
  3. Gulf Bank Egyptian 46.15 for purchase, and 46.65 for sale.
Favorite Places (
Favorite Places (

Today's money is on black market

Witnesses Money on black market Situated in decline, according to the decline of prices in the Swiss banks, since the decision was to be pulled by the Governor of the dollar. Central Bank, prices Money Black market is not different from the prices in banks, where the difference is not more than ten piasters, is recorded The price of the dollar is now on black market The purchase of 17.85 for purchase, while the sale price of $ 17.95, as it is Saudi Riyal exchange rates EGP 4.75 and EGP 4.85 respectively.

Update: Money money on Sunday 18-11-2018

  • Stability Currency exchange rate today Sunday 18-11-2018 in banks, where they are registered United Kingdom today To buy a value of 17.86, the value of the exchange is 17.96, although the record is Price GBP today Value 22.67 for purchase, and 23.29 for sale, as long as it is & # 39; registration Saudi Riyal Commercial Rates Today The Middle East Bank is worth 4.76 purchases, 4.79 sales, and # 39; registration Omani Rial exchange rates today To buy 46.21, as long as the sales price was registered at 46.47, please follow us and more information and information about it. Favorite Places (South Westerly

We welcome what you are doing; Expects for cash levels over the future

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