Exchange Stock Kuwait launches Trading System Parts to List …


Exchange Stock Kuwait (KSE) said on Wednesday that it would start operating unregistered currency trading rules "OTC", On SundaySouth Westerly

The Stock Exchange said on its website on Saturday based on the decision of the Capital Markets Authority. 139 of 2018 on a unregistered sponsorship market, the new system will be launched at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, closing at 12:40 p.m.South Westerly

It is worth mentioning that trading of unregistered claims is known"OTC" The Exchange Stock Kuwait system created with the aim of creating a fully automated and incredible computing platform platformSouth Westerly

The new security security service is a modern electronic exchange system in the & # 39; official market, and the first one in the department; ChamaisSouth Westerly

She explained that the trading systems and operating systems of the system were in trading methods that would result in profits and losses and transfer of ownership through licensing presidential offices and be subject to the rules of the trading system of countries not registeredSouth Westerly

The stock market indicates that the list of companies listed under the new system has access to 88 companies, which are:

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