EXCLUSIVE- Abdelhamid Addou: "The RAM's role is to be a superintendent leader"



Abdelhamid Addou, Head of Royal Air Maroc

The youngest Chief in the history of Royal Air Maroc, Abdelhamid Addou, was 44, during the first disaster of this summer, when the air appeared and a powerful union of air pilots. If "the right time is", the strike of the national pilots piloted the growth of RAM and delayed its use of its strategy. Although its naval strengthening is the basis of the "Addou" strategy to increase the number of passengers and the change, the head of the RAM, as well as the president of the Air Company African Society (AFRAA, African Airlines Association), is now looking forward to the future and beyond Africa. a & # 39; HuffPost Morocco the opportunity to meet. Maintenance is.

HuffPost MoroccoWhat do you think of African companies and their mainland activity?

Addd Abdelhamid: We are home in Africa. It is expected that most hardware will be coming from African companies. Unfortunately, it comes from non-African companies that have established themselves all over the continent. Today, the role of RAM is to gradually overshadow and further develop to become a director of continental. We are trying to ensure that there is a satisfactory link in Africa's main regions and cities and so on; Creating the growth that is waiting for the & # 39; most. African companies "African Africa should" cover: African companies for African travelers ".

It is very good for home-to-air competitors too, it is essential that there is no inequality in the & # 39; connection.

RAM is coming to a wild competition on home air. Air Arabia, for example, is opening paths across Morocco. Are you going to & # 39; link to this part a bigger extent into your strategy and have a commercial response?

Today, we will make routes 5 or 6 times larger than Air Arabia at home, but it is true that they are going to be home, Developing and focusing on some high potential roads. These are the lines that should be profitable in principle. At Royal Air Maroc, we have a public service strategy because we deliver some non-profitable sequences; It may not have been the case, but the focus of specific areas is to open. So we have two different leitmotivs. But it's great that competitors are home-making, just because there is no inequality in support from one or the other, big enough market for everyone.

How does the pilot hit on 2018?

We do not expect to be in this year's deficit, despite a decline in growth, which has been sustained over the last two years. Between the end of 2015 and the end of 2017, we earned more than 2.5 billion trading. Out of 13 billion complaints, we will rise to a 15.5 billion beat of CA by the end of 2017. For 2018, we can not express figures because we complete the results of the year ending on 31 October. However, in terms of traffic, we had increased digital traffic, by 11% in 2016 and 2017. This year we are considerably lower, about 1 or 2%.

It is true that it's a bike on your expansion strategy. Did you read it?

We have changed the social part. We have no doubt the social interest of every company. You have to go over there and start writing a new page. Today, the time is right. On the economic side, we will make an important announcement on December 5, we can not say more for the time.

There is a shortage of pilots. In mainland there is also a training deficit.

Many of the spectators are aiming at human capital deficit in the African air division. Do you agree?

There is a shortage of pilots all over the world. On the mainland, there is also a lack of training. The school closed on its Royal Air Maroc aircraft but we aim to re-open it, this will be done in 2019 and priori. It will be used to train football schemes for our company as well as African companies. In any case, how we continue to & # 39; Developing our fleet, our staff's needs are amazingly growing. Our aim is to double our fleet by 2020.

Are you enthusiastic about the integration of African scales?

Yes, because it is essential, we have to go because of not having it; abandoning the African spear, the foreign companies are the ones that keep off; affecting traffic on its mainland. This legality is also a responsibility if we want better links between African nations and if we want African companies to offer new services to their customers. You need to know that Africa airports are among the most expensive in the world. If there is a legacy, it will reduce the cost of taxes. Fuel costs are also 35% higher than the fuel cost of anywhere in the world. If you want to generate more traffic, attract more visitors and streams between different countries, it is important that the best costs and fees to be profitable and competitive. Although foreign companies create a little more value than every traveler, African companies will be able to; creating a deficiency for anyone who moves.

Do you expect to buy new tools soon?

We received nine new planes, four Dreamliner and five 737 Max, which will be delivered between mid-December 2018 and June 2019. These are tools for long walks, junctions and housing.

What is a faithful?

It is still content.

A number of lines were launched this year. Do you intend to keep this move up in 2019?

Our aim is to open 5 to 6 new routes annually. Targets & # 39; We are different: roads are converted to Africa, others to economic exchange and tourism such as Casablanca-Vienna, Casablanca-Athens or Casablanca-Miami, which is the leading tourist center in South America

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