Exclusive: The Hadd Ndiaye was very wild against the tfm after they left …


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This is the unsuccessful information, even though the media mercato has been completely over now for just over a month now. As well as ever before the markers on the 2stv side where he worked so far, Pape Djibril Fall has a letter off. If he left the chain El Hadji Ndiaye, he did not leave the world of audio. On the other hand, the information provided is the press release of the journalist to the TV; Continue to shop when a wave of dirt; left to hit.

Exclusive: El Hadj Ndiaye was very wild with the tfm after leaving PDF and he made good news


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Our ears heard in the 2S television documentary colors revealed that the violent Senegal cultural television was awakened early on Thursday morning. According to internal sources that Sanslimitesn.com informed, 2S TV chief leader or in good behavior after his / her influence on Pope Djibril Fall's (PDF) standards.
Indeed, according to our well, Mr Ndiaye had a lot of emphasis on young people and the new generation of journalists and Pope Djibril was well involved in the next generation of TV in Senegal, especially his kind: columnist, political and social analysis. He is aware of his great loss; El Hadj Ndiaye suffered a decision to take the bull with the horns and revive him against his competition.

So an emergency meeting or an inspirational meeting was convened, and the purpose of which will review the strategies that allow 2S TV to compete. In addition to measurement, El Hadj Ndiaye is always the Sanslimitesn.com sources that come out of the media. There will be a new game arsenal with lamenting cameras and new staff again on a & # 39; technical part. "The last but least" is & # 39; expects to enhance the animators and journalists. A committee will be established and established by the CEO itself.

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