Excompañero de Vidal was involved in a day dispute


Frank Ribéry published a series of messages on social networks where he responds to criticism for image.

Franck Ribéry, on the left Bayern Munich and an old companion Arturo Vidal, in Turkey he likes his holidays. However, in the last times he was at the heart of his controversy in Europe.

WhatThe reason? The French visited a restaurant in the famous & cooked chef; Salt Salt and its steak gold consumption have been estimated at 1,200 euros (932,000 pesos). He was not satisfied with that, he shared a series of images on his social networks that were badly questioned by his followers.

Ribéry got a sickness and went upset by a series of messengers. "In 2019 we will add the points to the I and the sets for T. Let's start with the ones envious, the haters, who surely came to be born because of a broken condom, fuck their mothers, their grandmothers and also their their generational tree My father will not give them, my success is now and the most important thing for God, to me and your neighbors, to those who believe in me, nothing else is just stones socks, "he said.

In another icon he followed the answers and criticized the French papers. "Also, describing the pseudo journalists who are constantly criticizing me, my actions (the last example, the price of what I eat), when I make donations ( because they have taught me when I get a lot), why? No, you prefer to talk about the things that happened as a family, my actions and movements, what I am eat, etc., that is, for that kind of lifting things they are always, "he closed.

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