Exercise can prevent Alzheimer's by stimulating hormone to help re-integrate brain cells, look forward


EAlcoholic resistance against Alzheimer's antibody may help hormone stimulate the help of rehabilitation brain cells, investigate.

Scientists have been aware of the fact that exercise reduces the risk of & # 39; developing dementia, but they did not know whether there was a direct connection or whether sick people were just able to work out.

Now, a new series of studies have shown that a hormone that has been released through exercise, called irisin, has been declining in Alzheimer's people's branches, and can protect animals against memory loss and destroying brain.

There were no mice who swam almost every day for five weeks; improves bad memory despite being & # 39; breaking of beta amyloid – the Alzheimer's brain-brain clogging protein.

It is a recommendation not only does exercise have a & # 39; protects strongly from dementia, but also that drugs may potentially be a response to prevent the disease.

"I fully agree to everyone to exercise, to promote brain and general health work," said Dr. Ottavio Arancio, professor of geography and biology cells and medicine at Columbia University.

"But many people are not able, especially those with conditions related to age such as heart disease, arthritis or dementia.

"For those people, drugs need special effects that can influence the effects of magazines and protect synapses and prevent mental decline."

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