Exhibition 421 shows the launch of 3 new shows


The 421 exhibition, the arts and creative venue at Mina Zayed Yesterday, hosted a host of guests attending the opening of three new exhibitions. The event took place with the local community and the artists behind the work on creative evening and culture.

The 100-100 competition will host the 100 best Arabic posters in a two-year competition to celebrate the work of talented graphic designers from the Arab department. The winning winners have been awarded a prize; Participating in a traveling exhibition that traveled on some Arab countries. The selected posters will be displayed at the 421th to 20 January exhibition. The technical director Raghda Moataz, Regina Rammelt, Philip Poulsen, Ryan Vincent, Lee Grace and Jochen Brown attended the exhibition that took part in the planning and organizing of their competition.

The New York University professor, Abu Dhabi, Tariq Al-Ghussein was at night, and his Odysseus exhibition demonstrates the differences between landscape photographs, personal images and art. Throughout this exhibition, Al-Ghusain complies with a comprehensive technical analysis of the islands on the Abu Dhabi coast, with the aim of doing so; record the natural environment of the area and the built-in areas and interact with them.

Al-Qudairi was commissioned by Abu Dhabi Art as part of the 6-Dawa Al-Tawaya program in its sixth edition, which is being exhibited in collaboration with the 421th Asian Asian Art Exhibition ( Australia) . The film addresses the links between the true and emotional stories of the pearl-growing industry in a department; Chamais.

Hope for an artistic scene

Faisal Al Hassan, Gallery Director 421, said: "We are delighted to present these three new exhibitions, which look at different cultural themes, which provide a wide range of knowledge and knowledge to people, Visitors. "Everyone who went to the opening ceremony and thanked the creative artists who made everything possible," he said. "The voters we have seen are very good, The emergence of a real sense of concern related to the arts in the UAE and we; Looking forward to more exhibitions and arts events to interact with the rich cultural content that presents local and regional issues. South Westerly

Various jobs with talented artists and photographers in the Abu Dhabi arts and creative center.


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