Exhibitions & Cosient Evil 2 & # 39; from Leon & Hilarious Mr. X Encounter


Players have been enjoying the time with remake Capcom Evil Resident 2, and now that it has gone out to the cosplay community, we can enjoy such things as Mr X's continuation of Leon in an amazing way.

Medium Medium Cosplay recently introduced social media to share their TikTok video, with Mr X's continuation of a recent collection. Decorated as Leon S. Kennedy of the name you enjoy, we have all the cosplayer when an amazing mountain is a person; catch us in his sights. But, similar to what can be seen here, DMX has a "Gon Gon" Give It To Ya "while playing it.

Come to think, maybe Leon is the "worst day ever". There is nothing like getting to work only for a zombie break, which's a # 39; Turning to fighting attacks on aliens who Bringing players just to face the zombies again.

The cosplay video is a very good example of how to do the best of bad situations. Just add music, and everything is okay. If someone could tell Mr X of this, that would be good.

Evil Resident 2 Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

"For anyone who is not familiar, a story about it Evil Resident 2 begins with a young rookie of chup, Kennedy's Kennedy, as he is thrown into a chaotic world that is a affecting a dead who is walking with a hopeful college student called Claire Redfield, "reading a little bump from our full review." He has been thrown into the area that dies in Racoon City, Leon and Claire have to be able to go. Find out how to survive as long as they are & # 39; Find out what this hell caused on Earth. "

"Evil Resident 2 It's a great deal of experience in the usual way. Since the erroneous error of security, to horrible situations that go far beyond a simple jumping fears, this revision is the one that all its needs, follow the beginning. For those who are unfamiliar with the voting of Residential Protection when they start irresistible, it is still a remedy, although it is incomplete, and one who does not have any knowledge of the other games . "

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