Eximbank and the great singer Chu Thi Binh bring "in the court"?


That is a proof of Eximbank before the court hearing has been registered today (22/11) in Ho Chi Minh City in terms of the savings of 245 billion customers transferred to Eximbank crane Ho Chi Minh City causes a move from public attitudes.

Regarding civil matters in the case, Eximbank declared "the legitimate rights of consumers are always Eximbank's priority." Eximbank does not always worry consumers ever.

"The hearing on November 22 will showcase the truth that aims and protects the rights and rights of the parties involved." Eximbank and its clients will keep the legal rule that can be enforced. court law, "said the representative from Eximbank.

On August 27th, Eximbank reported about 245 billion dollars from Chu Thi Binh's purchaser.

In the case of a criminal case in the case, Eximbank is a & # 39; respect the results of the investigation from the relevant authorities and the Court's judgment related to the defenders in the case, the organizations that keeping legal matters on considering the weak Minority reasons of crime, family circumstances and defendant's opinion.

Eximbank wants to be aware of both psychosocial and educational judgments to help them become a good citizen, which benefits the society and its. show how unhappy the law is.

At the same time, Ms. Chu Thi Binh, the 245 billion billiard but Eximbank "moved", for the savings account book, Eximbank needs to be full of other regular customers as required, from time to time.

Previously, according to 18/8/2018, with both sides attempts to negotiate with the information, the application has been considered by the legal proceedings, Eximbank and the person- Chu Thin Binh has terminated to promote 100% of the original savings due to the final judging of the court for both sides to implement it.

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