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Scientists have discovered a new exoplanet called "Neptune teth," in which Gliese 3470b is named exoplanet which has lost its atmosphere at a spectacular speed.from

Next, Neptune Hot is rare, and scientists have been wondering why this is a? happening.

This exoplanet that quickly disrupts the speed is Following to a new idea, it may be the reason why Neptune is not always seen hot, which drives the atmosphere and its; Growing is usually found, known as the Neptune. Planet. Gliese 3470b is a large planet and size Neptune or Ùranus. It is closer to its own star than Earth to the sun.

Its close to the main star is a & # 39; means that the warmest temperature of Neptune is within 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Gliese 3470b is not the first exoplanet found to be & # 39; losing its air, but the faster it is. Scientists say that the Gliese 3470b is destroying at air at 100 times faster than other exoplanets values.

If the 3470b is increasingly solved at this stage, scientists say that it could be a Neptune or super-earth in just a few billion years. This is very fast on Galaxy's time scale. The team intends to hold an inquiry on the 3470b by launching the Spanish Web Telegraph of James Webb in 2021.

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