Expand the contract with Slavia: I am very happy here


Miroslav Stoch's Swedish football producer expanded his deal with Slavius ​​Prague for another three years. The new contract for an invasion pitch will end in June 2022.

"The feelings are good, I see expanding their charter as a reward for the work I have done here. Write me the sign that I'm asking for in the Sleat and I am very happy here, " The best Character display in the running season for a club website.

The highest "stapled" aims are: "Short-term, indeed, try to stop the fall in the first place in the board and move to the European League in spring spring." Slavia aims to win the title this season, but that's far away. "

"Miroslav Stoch is one of our best-loved lads and Slavie character, and I'm glad we have signed up for three years, and we will Participating in the fight for the festival title, and I hope the League will be more successful in the cups " the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slavie Jaroslav Tvrdík.

Autumn stadium a & # 39; drag a misleading chain, there are nine league goals on the net and three help. "It is now one of the most important articles I'm happy to confirm my form, because I know that it is in the best position, it is a very complex player , dangerous in establishing the attack even in the last step. " Stocha told the coach Henry Trpišovský.

Stoch came to Slovakia in August 2017. Recently, after the coach was replaced, he returned to the Soviet team team.

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