Expansion of ethnic violence in Afghanistan


Over the last week, Afghanistan has been involved in Taliban assaults on ShiSan in a & # 39; Most Hazara, which has been a frightening of violent ethnic violence in the country.

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Wounded in a recent bombing in Afghanistan. Photograph: AP.

Civil war and conflict with colors related to historical species and the struggle for a place between the Taliban and the Islamic devolution (IS) on security in Afghanistan is worse.

Childhood violence in Afghanistan in recent years seems to have sunk, but last week a series of mosquito suicide bombings and cultural centers based in Shiite were hit as well as attacks on the comics. Little Hazara (Shite) line on roads. Hazara said that the Sunun Muslim Pashtun was a major problem, in which Taliban was the largest.

The Taliban attacked a series of small small towns in the central Uruzgan after paying taxes to the Taliban people. Afterward decisions between the Taliban and the armed body led by Hazara leadership at least 21 people dead. Uruzgan, between Kandahar and Helmand and Daikondi, is home to the families of Pashtun and Hazara. These two ethnic groups have been living together long ago. Afghan and Western officials are afraid of Hazara people to attack Sunni's targets, and punish Afghanistan to a new war of racial conflicts.

As well as being disturbed by a burst at a wedding in Kabul on November 20, killing at least 40 people, Afghan authorities needed to identify their group behind. At least 55 people were killed at a meeting of religious pupils in Kabul. Victims who include religious representatives from across the country with the Pupil Council Islamic Afghanistan has the prophetess of Mohammed prophet.


Without doubt the person behind the attack, Afghan government has not been able to verify its reasons to impede President of the Ashraf Ghani President, or just the procedures in terms of having a & # 39; placing the Taliban on the government in Kabul. The relatives are inside the Afghanistan context for seeking peace talks to end 17 years of conflicts. What's the reason why? , the attack on Afghan Scholarship Council meeting on the birth of Madagascar Mohammed was rare and gave a religious, ethnic background.

God Sayed Salahuddin, a member of the organizing committee, said: "A birthday is attacking a mischievous prophet. They all stand behind this attack clearly the enemies of all faiths , race groups, enemies of the country. "

It is seen that conflict in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly complex with many lengths of duration; The United States and the West are still struggling to solve a settlement problem with the Taliban. A recent three-day meeting between the special nominee Taliban and the US Zalmay Khalilzad came Qatar No agreement, as well as the date on April 20, 1919, will complete its 17-year war. Taliban directors promptly told not to accept the # 39; date.

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