Expansion of most HIV patients in Jakarta, Middle Java Fourth


Merdeka.com – The Child Protection Reform Reform in the Emergency and Pornography Ministry of Women's and Child Protection Ministry Pornography, said Darmawan that the middle of the Java was the fourth largest with HIV; HIV suffers from Indonesia from 280,623 people.

"There are five main areas with the people who suffer, and their first DKI Jakarta, then East Java, Papua. Then Java Meadhanach is fourth and fifth in Bali. In the Central Java itself, only from the Ministry of Health's agenda, there were 19,270 people, "said Darmawan while attending the Kilau campaign of HIV and AIDS Free Generation at Raden Saleh Cultural Park, Semarang, Thursday (11/22).

Darmawan took the situation into something that needs to be against each other. Including to & # 39; including the younger generations in an attempt to overcome HIV spread.

"We will make children here as change agents to inform their friends, they must be committed to trying to spread HIV and influence the spread, "said Darmawan.

The treatment of people with HIV, must be combined together with discrimination, by educating the younger generation of the virus's spread. HIV will not go down if there is no ban. So it has spread a blockage campaign through explanation of spread, and how it will deal with HIV virus.

"These children also need to protect their friends who suffer from HIV virus to avoid discrimination. Both from education and community," said Darmawan.

He hopes that an event in the Tulungagung, East East will not happen again in the future. One of the 9-year-olds would have to leave school because they found out that there is a & # 39; their HIV virus.

"This is not the pleasure too, the transit is not as easy as the people think. Such things do not do so again, so we did this campaign by educating HIV itself, "explained Darmawan.

Although Semarang Chief Executive, Hendrar Prihadi said, not only is it important to handle the & # 39; virus virus but to teach the surrounding environment.

"HIV AIDS is very important not only for victims but also for the protection of the surrounding environment. How people can register and stay together so that they are not closing out. The role of parents for children is also very important in educating related relationships, "said Hendi. [cob]

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