Expansion of salts of childhood: cardiovascular life-threatening


In Argentina, the salt that is praised is more than doubled, which means a bad danger to the health of the whole population, and especially children.

Although sodium is essential for health, most children eat more than it is safe and praised. Daily salt consumption in Argentina is estimated to be; ranges from 9.8 to 12.7 grams per person, despite the World Health Organization (WHO) to & # 39; recommend that it should not exceed 5 grams (2 g / day of sodium). While children, the international health unit is proposing that the consumption will be shared with energy needs.

At this part, American Heart Association proposals are different from 1,500 mg to 2,300 mg / day of sodium for children, by age. American boys eat more than 3,300 mg a day, almost twice the amount that is proposed.

"A high diet in sodium can cause higher blood pressure in children and adolescents, which can continue to an age-old disease when it is in a position; age. In addition, the relationship between the sodium and the risk of severe deterioration among children who are overweight or fat, appears to have been "said cardiolaic Fiorella Tartaglione (MN 144.259), which is" in the same group The sodium that they use is & # 39; related to food that shows an increased risk of obesity, such as sugar drinks. Certainly, some studies suggest that the amount of salt itself is related to obesity. "

According to its member of the Foundation Cardiological Foundation (FCA), "it is important to remember that more than 70% of sodium transmission is derived from food that is processed and prepared as bread (bread , sweet biscuits, salts, crops, bills, cakes, crabs and pies), sausages, straw, frozen, caesan, broths, spots and a packet in general ".

The main effects of this risk factor, added to the specialist, "have cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular disasters (CVA) and heart disease in adults."

Can a cable be taught? "If healthy habits include the whole family, it will be easier to be included with the small people. Preventing dietary food in babies and children's food is better with the aim that the cable learns to enjoy the natural flavor, "Tartaglione advised.

God, "they prefer to get lots of salts if they get food with less sodium from a young age." The effects are; is a very heavy, so it is our best investment to educate a new generation since their birth. "

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