Expansion of the first survey of the "he gave" a & # 39; Guides a $ 25,000 stripline line including the secretary, MC, a famous model


On November 21, the reporter's source from CSDT at Ho Chi Minh City Police has just completed its first review of the & # 39; "Anti-terrorist breach" case for protecting the person Kieu Dai (Pi, SN 1996, town of Binh Dinh mainland).

Renovation of its first survey regarding its & # 39; The first thing in a line of $ 25,000 line stripopathy, and # 39; including secretary, MC, famous model - Picture 1.

"Mr" is sending a & # 39; $ 25,000 giant protocol including runner, MC, famous model …

The reporter's source from Ho Chi Minh Home Police confirmed that the reason for the expansion of the research was to highlight some of the statements on Qiu Dai Vu as well as the actors' statements , the models, sell the MCs for sex. a good man.

From students who drive a motorcycle taxi to the bedrock it's a? runs a $ 25,000 stripline line

According to the case, according to the survey, it is a recent student capital that graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Technology and University Management in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, she also managed a shrimp noodle brot for relatives in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, there is also a second job here, and Dui's attempts have been "slowly", this is the organizers for the long legs.

Throughout the process of finding the line, the police source confirmed that more than the "long legs" from the websites with the authorities have been several times, and Du also a & # 39; Feeling actively with the "headteacher" Also specializing in a & # 39; Hunting stuff for giants, people with need.

At the same time, his long legs of his choice of pantyhose, including: model, runner, flowers, actor, MC, Hotgirl PR, online girl, students are Studying at Universities and Colleges in Ho Chi Minh City, …

Renew its first investigation of how the leader of the prostitution was $ 25,000, including the second, MC, famous model - Picture 2.

From the students who were cycling a motorcycle taxi, Nhu became an executive director of a $ 25,000 striking line.

Depending on a Duty named, usually the "giants" store through the site is usually only a medium sized medium. Prices come from two hundred to three thousand dollars. Be aware of this price price "he" should be & # 39; Try to get into the giants store in another way.

So, Black will host the campaign to organize events, competitions … a small status; grow. From these competitions, Du has access to the "long legs" that have the ability to enter the fishing line. In addition, from these events, Du who makes friends with many famous people is even very great giants to offer.

At the same time, Duz has met with "giants" suffering from "long legs" searching in particular Miss, MC, … to be delivered. From here, you know that many giants are willing to learn to hunt for high prices.

Four giants will buy the second member, MC, a famous model … who's it?

After several months of research, at 16h45 on 30/8, almost 50 people involved in Team 6, Criminal Police Division, Ho Chi Minh Home Police went into the administrative test with two hotels in Nam Quoc Cang street, area 1 and Tran Hung Dao Street, Area 5.

The Quang Quang Quang Street Hotel Find in two VIP rooms with two daughters and two people buying sex. At the same Tran Hung Dao Street Hotel. There are two girls in Area 5 of the students.

After that, the police took a record and went to the headquarters to work. A background confirmation has been found that two girls who are sex makers in Area 1 are higher and MC are renowned.

Expansion of the first study of the headquarters of $ 25,000 prostitution to & # 39; including a squirrel, MC, a famous model - Picture 3.

The long legs in the line "Mr.

The work that works with 4 men who purchases sex, and # 39; The police of two people in the hotel in Area 1 are the status … During the original declaration, these two people are famous in the estate business in Saigon which runs the second and MC. The price the two giants say "fun" with two girls is also confirmed. With the $ 7,000 / hour runner, the MC is $ 1,500 / hour.

In particular, two women selling sex in area 5 guests are marked as "brilliant" famous. The price of these two students is 600 – $ 1,000 / time.

After taking the evidence, the "giants", businessmen have been in a position; Waiting for clarification of more appropriate situations. According to the sources, Mr T. (aged 43, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City), Mr. M. (43, Age, Binh Thuan province), Mr Q (37 years old, Mr (aged 31, who lives in Bac Giang).

Police had a & # 39; making its long-distance species 4 "giants" all punished by administration.

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