Expansion of uncle stories: Allegations with 42% phone boots grow so far this year


This 2018 scam phone has been changing, together with the knowledge of the people about the "uncle stories" that are used, as well as the security of bank security. However, according to the figures of the PDI, this was not enough to make the efforts of some people to commit this crime. The complaints received by the civilian police between January and October 2018 exceed 42.5% that were incorporated in 2017.

In total, a previous year there were 388 complaints for such activities, and in the first months of 2018 they have reached 553 issues already.

According to Inspector Rodolfo Jiménez of the Group of Economic Offenses (Bridec) of the PDI, to La Tercera, the increase in the "figures show that the educational initiatives that have been made have been addressed. , people did not report this type of spam. But today, even the banks want this to happen, so they start active insurance. "

However, Jimenez regrets, despite a huge discharge of those criminal practices, "people still fall into the story." This, he says, is largely due to the change in the conversation of those convicted.

According to it, the method of working has been changing. In 2005, the fraud purchased cards in advance to win a contested competition. Later on, they won relatives in a problem that needed money. Then, they spent as major disasters with someone from their neighbors, who needed money to pay the spoil and thus prevent the situation being bigger. Currently, Jiménez says, the scam is more linked to internet sales.

"How often crime is happening because many people are not at risk. The law will be sentenced by a small prison sentence, which can go up to 5 years and one day. But it depends on the amount convicted, and the criminal is always trying to get over, "he said.

From prison

However, there is an agreement that these crimes fall largely from prisons, as a result, in principle, to the free time prisoners and get a phone call.

For this reason, the beneficiary RN Gonzalo Fuenzalida aimed at implementing telephones and the internet to implement the necessary steps to block the mobile service signal within the facilities or right-handed.

"It has been shown that some residents are constantly seeking new ways to get phones, which affect the story of the uncle's uncle, where no person is accountable and Are the victims completely out of use, "said the party.

He said "with this project, moving to private people the obligation to avoid signs in prisons and prisons, that is, their responsibility assignment, each type of criminal activity will be finished from prisons to the outside world. "

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