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VnEconomy introduced the investment proposals and recommendations of some security companies on market performance on November 22,

In closing the trading session on November 21, VN-Index gave more than 3.54 points to 922.56 points. At the same time, the HNX-Index 0.01 points dropped to 103.90 points.

Ships can be shaken, altered in session

(Bao Viet Guarantee Sharing Company Company – BVSC)

"The VN-Index is likely to continue to continue in the next session, however, it is expected to make a difference in the market and # 39 , possibly ski and ski patterns. "

Temperature (

(Bank for Vietnam Investment and Development – BSC)

"The BSC's view is that its market is just up but there is still a low cost, saying that investors are still aware of the situation of the world. Focus on good basic stockings."

The VN-Index expanded its degree of revival

(FPT Trust Joint Share Stock Company – FPTS)

"Compared to the sales market in the US (the Dow 30 ended in July 2018, the extended price of expanded WTI oil), VNIndex is still expanding. The illusion was not a & Only locally, especially the oil and gas stocks during the order's coordination session.

At the same time, the total money was very encouraging when it was spent in the remaining Bluechips and some areas such as textile fabrics, chemical fertilizers … (stocks have fallen deeply but not They are at the important recording level).

It is expected that the cash flow continues to be advanced, by making 940 points at the VN-Index. In addition to stocks that maintain short and medium-term movements, investments may look at signs to come out at banks and security agencies to find opportunities in this revival move. "

Risk management should be aimed at this stage

(Viet Sec Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"Although the two indexes in the revitalization range, it is not enough to consolidate market enhancement, and the revival range is still getting forward to technology in a hundred. So investors should focus on risk management in this time and limit the use of leverage. "

Increase to test at 930

(Vietnamese VCSC Trust Share Stock Company)

"The short-term technical features of VN-Index, VN30 and HNXIndex were still positive, with the nearest conflict of 930 points, 905 points and 105.5 points, a VN-Index candle record creates a protection structure strong strong "three white soldiers" with three continuous interwoven white candles in moving up. Emphasize high prices tomorrow to help increase its market with the VN-Index producer to make & # 39; trying to serve at 930 points.

It should not affect money

(Saigon – Hanoi Securities Share Stock Company – SHS)

"At this time, investors should not give money to money but they should look more and wait for a real cash flow to return to their market. We will continue to increase our attendance at 930 points that correspond to the previous long-term top of your current market.

High-rise investors should be able to look at the revival elevations to almost 930 phases for gradual profits. On the other hand, investors should not have a high level of equal impact and should only consider the money spent only if there is a successful breach of a & # 39; market of 930 points and closed above this level with good liquidity "

Security companies notified by VnEconomy are only marketed but valid as information source. Security companies may have a rivalry with investors when they make a judgment.

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