Expenditure on retirement increases 10 times more than an active detention


In one year, Brazilian state expenditures on practitioners increased almost ten overtime than the cost of active staff, based on estimates from the Institute of Active Economic Research (Ipea). In the total of all states, costs with active attendants increased by 0.8% between September 2017 and August 2018, and 7.5% spent on electors and pensioners.

The data shows that the government's attempts from 2015 did not show; preventing spending on sufficiently active attendants to meet the rapid growth of non-active spending, researcher Cláudio Hamilton dos Santos, one of the authors of the survey, said.
From 2014 to 2017, 20 states reduced the number of staff. The total number of practitioners and pensioners in 24 countries grew. During this time, a number of state-of-the-art operational workers were working in the entire country by 1.6%, and the number of occupiers and pensioners grew up; grow 5.6%.

"What's happening today is a snare on the signs for 30 years. The United States has received many people, and these people are now old enough to retire. Between 1988 and 1995, many people entered the public service, "Santos explained.

The social security system of the seats of the state addresses two main problems. The first one is a demographic – people are stay longer and so get pensions for longer. The second, Gustavo Barbosa, who was a Finance Secretary in Rio, explains that the state page is very important to police officers, firefighters and staff, departments with special rules and so they can resume to retire early.

"The capital reform of the capital is for public accounts. It does not escape," said Barbosa, who was appointed secretary of Minas Gerais Finance, with the elector, Romeo Zema (Novo).

According to consultant Raul Velloso, the data compiled by Ipea confirming the "Social Security reform" is a priority. " From the beginning of the year, the public census specialist has called on the reform strategy to reform Welfare, and change the rules for attendants in front of the change in the rules of staff in the private sector.

Velloso defends Bolsonaro is a # 39; recommends a new pension reform, as the current change, suggested by Michel Temer, and the way in which he is paralyzed in his & her; National Congress, a change to most of the regulations. The adviser will protect another recommendation, which is </ p> <p> abolishing the statute of the Constitution and its let them change by bile. In order to amend the Constitution, three-guys need support in the House and in the Assembly. Existing to give a bill, a majority of the votes are enough.

According to Ipea, data for its first eight months of 2018 is a & # 39; indicates that state governments are still dealing with both financial and financial disadvantages, both circulated and structured. The widespread emergency includes introducing the insufficient adjustments to prevent public money reduction following the economic crisis that started in 2014. "The United States & # 39; basically change through investment and through active staff. You do not just restore those people who have the basic task of maintaining the state, such as the military police, "said Santos.

All deposits amounted to R $ 16.7 billion from January to August and are at the second lowest level since the beginning of the historic series in 2008. An increase of R $ 1.4 billion was related to the same period last year, The purpose of the elections, which is already common.

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