Experiment Technology Journey Foundations Motions Generation CRISPR "Unconscious"


New international communication on the cutting of a die Tuesday in Hong Kong opened under the umbrella of a recent slogan: inquisitor He Jiankui asked Monday to set up a genetics in recreation so they resist against HIV, and their invading the international scientific and academic communities.

Feng Zhang, one of the foundations of the Cas9 CRISPR technology used in E examinations and as a professor at MIT, told Caixin that DNA's preparation is much time before being used in recreation .

"Unfortunately, I do not think genome editions are ready to be installed in situations for the purposes of submitting. There are still technical problems we need to solve," he said .

He also said that it was difficult that the children were exposed to unnecessary dangers. "There is a normal protocol for dealing with HIV that is not HIV positive," said Zhang. "Since your already established and safe method, to show the child to this level of risk is absolutely necessary and irresponsible."

Zhang gave an account on Monday to call for a & # 39; Editing genetic reproductive genres to incorporate comprehensive safety measures.

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