Experts: 100% promise against their flu vaccine is not a? vaccine or lemon


LONDON, February 18 – RIA NewsThe former International expert group, Cochrane, who is Checking the effectiveness of medical technologies, we are confident that it is possible to reduce its communication through a & # 39; Temporary vaccine, however, according to experts, there is no way that would cause a complete cold – a vaccination will not be given by a vaccine or vitamin, or lemon, or garlic. This is said in the familiar group with RIA Novosti, a & # 39; confirming the doctor's opinion that antibiotics do not have a cold and cold effect.

Our 2013 study shows that antibiotics are ineffective for these reasons … Vitamin C does not contain a quantity of vitamin C; affect the number of diseases in general, but in some cases it will reduce the symptoms and its symptoms; decrease throughout her disease ", – said in Cochrane, listing old studies.

Echinacea experts, which are widely used in the United States and Europe for cold, are also not an effective medicine for flu. It showed a "small effect" in clinical studies and is only suitable for prevention.

It is also not possible to consider steam cures. The Cochrane study carried out in 2017 with 387 patients did not determine this method of efficiencies.

Warrior experts thought there was a good step. However, Cochrane says that there is not enough data at this time for the final scientific certification of this theory.

At the same time, vaccines against their flu vaccine showed a decrease in the percentage of diseases of 2.3% in people without a talk to 0.9% of the people who were immunized. In children, a vaccine reduces the numbers from 18% to 4%.

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