Experts discussing the "Raw" initiative to stop the use of some of the cure's medicines. wheel


MOSCOW, November 22. / Tass /. The traffic policing initiative integrates the impact of drug use at a & # 39; wheel to drink alcohol and drugs, Some work needs, according to experts TASS prepares. Several drugs, in particular, diphenhydramine and phenobarbital, have a significant impact on the level of the driver's response, but it is unclear what the dose needed for this and how they find drugs in the & # 39; body, experts say.

On Thursday, at a meeting with bloggers and journalists, the DPS leader, special events and the enforcement actions of Alexander Bykov's traffic police said that some drugs, in particular, giving diphenhydramine, be equivalent to alcohol and drugs for drivers – you can not use it. , responsibility will be given for this. He explained that his case is now being worked out with the Russian Ministry of Health. Earlier, the number of federal media indicates that phenobarbital, which is used for disconnection of the strange system, including epilepsy, also on a list of prohibited drugs.

Blacklist for drivers

According to experts with an interview with TASS, there is a common sense in a traffic policing campaign: the use of real drugs, such as diphenhydramine and phenobarbital, has a negative impact on the response rate of drivers, which may cause disaster. "Both of these cells have a very human body very effectively. If patients suffer Dimedrol or Phenobarbital, a hypnotic impact is clearly stated and, naturally, the fear of going down . So the Ministry of Immigrant Businesses idea is fair enough, "said TASS doctor of medical sciences, academia RANS Alasdair Grishin, Vice-

His opinion is shared by a psychologist, top-ranking scientist, Vasily Vostryakov, telling TASS that both cells cause splitting, problematic, adverse effects and a reduction in attention. "That is, a person, possibly said, is not enough enough, he can break the rules of the road, as the vision, hearing and attention have weakened," said Vostryakov .

"Both [вещества] affect drivers and can be dangerous behind their wheel. But it is important to recognize that two drugs can be the components of complicated drugs for a cure for symptomatic use, for example, pain syndrome and flu conditions, patients can not be aware that they are present in & # 39; shaped, but lacking ignorance from duty, "said the chief independent director of the Tatarstan Maxim Maximov Health Ministry curator.

According to experts, as well as Dimedrol and phenobarbital, other drugs may be included in the list of drugs that are banned for drivers. "The list of drugs caused by drivers to include a penalty should include all types of drugs, and there is a warning to & Given a warning that the attention needs more attention, "the director believes" Art Mirzoyan "Bionics Media analysis department. According to the expert, it is also advisable to review the conditions for driving license to people suffering from epilepsy.

"For patients suffering from epilepsy illness, there is no impediment to driving permissions, however, the use of antiepileptic drugs continues to reach, and their use is turned back behind their wheel, "said Mirzoyan.

Sad and sad

At the same time, according to experts, the traffic policing campaign does not appear to have been positive yet. For example, it is unclear what the dose of specific drugs could potentially affect the level of driver response.

"Some medicines will affect the psyche. However, to understand how and how badly, precise checks, like those made with alcohol, need to be used: what dimensions, How big is it, "Oleg Minin, Vice Chair of the Committee for Social Policy and Health Protection of the Secretaryal Party Murmansk, Working Director of Murmansk Minority Center named after NNPirogov of the Bio- medical knowledge.

He is assisted by a medical science doctor, professor of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Alexander Grishin, where it is first necessary to be able to; investigating the effects of drugs on people depending on the dysfunction and condition of their body.

In addition, according to experts, there is still a question, how can these drugs be found in drivers? "Should alcohol detective be detected quickly with the help of a probe, it can prove that a person is drug-addicted or other drug after analysis, which will give financial costs, "says Andrei Bekarev, chairman of the Biotechnopark directors at the Koltsovo science chair near Novosibirsk, aims to make medical supplies.

His opinion is shared by Oleg Minin. "To do this, political analysis is needed, it is complex and expensive. Although I do not really know how this can be done, in general, although it is likely that the raw enterprise , there are no obvious ways to implement, "said Minin.

How the market will handle

According to experts with TASS interviews, the traffic policing campaign must be carefully completed. In any case, even if there are a number of drugs similar to drivers of alcohol and drugs, one should not have had a negative impact on medical companies. As Alexander Grishin said, such a decision does not mean "beat" for medicine companies.

"Sales dimensions – Dimedrol, phenobarbital is so low that there is no significant impact on the economic loss of medical companies, especially because these are drugs that are not for sale free," said Grishin to TASS, says that commercial ingredients can not make medicinal companies at the highest level when it comes to road users' safety.

Andrei Bekarev also believes that his & her; This decision on the activities of medicine companies. According to the expert, the guidance to Dimedrol and Phenobarbital shows even though; Patients may be able to include all actions; need more attention, drug detection, and an early patient to be able to; Follow these suggestions without including sanctions for the face.

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