Experts in data and why companies need them fast


Data architect, data expert and web analysis. Inside and outside of a digital marketing field, professional professionals are the most needed Professional Data. When digital becomes a key part of the business, we explain why the strategic functions of a data architect, data expert and web analysis are essential.

What is a professional profile that is related to the analysis of the data that companies need to; search? Why do they need them? What skills should they have? Prior to the introduction of Major Data, we could download the structural information we were stored in the CRM or the ERP of our company. Now we have additional information that is outside the company's fields.

For Miguel Ángel Blanco Cedrun, Dean of the Spanish Business School, "this type of non-structural information rapidly evolves and helps us to have a very high process power. The Data Reaction of Data has increased by almost three at the end of this year. From the 3.1 Zettabytes that were recorded in 2013 to the 8.6 Zettabytes in 2018. This can be translated into More demand for all profiles in the Big Data. "

At the moment we can say that there are three professional profiles related to the Great Data:

1. The data architect. Creating the structure of the programs with which information is collected is handled. Its main aim is to explore the architecture of systems to make improvements. Some of the skills that a data architect should have for details of detail, problem solving or simple ability. This profile contains background information in computing engineering, mathematics, physics or telecommunications. Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Muc, Spark, Flink, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (Hive, Couchbase, Redis, ElasticSearch, Solr) are some advanced knowledge in Java, Scala or Python. the tools that need to be directed. or no advanced knowledge of data structures, data-based mining and machine learning.

2. Information scientists (data scientist). The data scientist analyzes, & # 39; explain and communicate new trends in the area and not translate it to its location; company to enable them to be used and thus to improve their services and their services; creating new business opportunities. It is the responsibility of translating the information so that auditors can make decisions. For the scientists' identity of the data, statistical knowledge is required for non-analogous computer programs and computer science. Within this profile we will makes a difference between professionals that relate to a range of mathematics and statistics and those derived from a range of fish knowledge and machine learning. This image needs to know mathematics, statistics and programming, and also a very good knowledge of the company's business department for which it works, as well as being a good company to produce the data it is doing translate translation.

3. The data analysis is one of the largest professional accounts available today. It is responsible for processing the information and its & # 39; Getting decisions that help to improve productivity. These professionals are those who know how to draw patterns of consumer behavior and know why they work in a way. And at the end of what companies search for, to find out what they are doing; get better. Web analytics are not just computer science scientists, mathematics or statistics experts, but there are many from jobs such as advertising, journalism, business, marketing or mail appointments. At this time, each analysis department needs to explain the data and have a business perspective. In this profile you need to know special tools and business.

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