Experts warned that & # 39; cold winter & # 39; come up with numbers, ready for bitcoin psychology down to $ 1,500


After months of silence that many stock market investors are enthusiastic, the biggest money has ever been caused as a result of this week as evidence of the biggest sales since August. The digital property in the industry started to "win" money.

At the same time, the BI index indicates that the accident has just started. Analysts make it possible for bitcoin prices to go down to $ 1,500 – 70% less than they are now. The value of the title medals issued at the ICO was 12 per cent on Wednesday to the lowest level in the year and lost more than 60 per cent this year. At the same time, many of the Bitcoin's "brothers" who also included Ripples were " reduce brakes too.

"Last night I can not sleep well," said Travis Kling, who founded the Ikigai capital asset, who serving Bitcoin Cash. "There is a small risk, but it's hard to find out what's happening with Bitcoin Cash – which will affect the entire stock market. "

Bad news has not stopped there. Chipmakers also began to disturb today as Nvidia pointed out the weak income introduction for his & her; A quarter in the moment, saying he was a? seeing long-term loss due to the collapse of its power activities. death A spiritual excavation has sought an application for the company's graphics teams. But, as companies are growing in, the supply began to expand; exceeds demand in a declining market context.

Phuong Linh

Young Learner / Bloomberg

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