Experts will analyze the handwriting of Meghan Markle


Meghan Father Markle, Thomas, published his letter by his daughter after his marriage to Prince Harry. Now experts are scrutinizing the letter – and their # 39; Make decisions from Meghan's character.

Handwriting experts analyzed the letter sent by her Duchess Meghan (37) after her & # 39; wedding to her father, Thomas Markle (74).

Her pregnant Duchess wrote her five-page, personal and personalized letter to her father in August last – three months after her dream wedding with her & her; Prince Harry (34). She says that Thomas Markle has "broken his heart to millions".

Writer Emma Bache

British scriptwriter, Emma Bache, will read other things from the letter. She says to "Daily Mail": "Meghan shows a strong manuscript and slowness. She is very careful. She is aware that the whole world is watching her – and that's what I enjoy. "And more:" It's not a creative or mental woman, just an actress and perfect strategies. "

The strong strength of the letters expresses strong feelings. Meghan is self-confident, but also self-directed. She is scared – this shows that the movement of pen is too large and some of the basic irregularities.

The weight of the pen is strong on paper. "It's naturally, naturally and highly motivated," says Bache. The curved nails show narcissism, the rings in the small letters are; appear secret. Complete Bache's analysis by saying that Meghans are ambitious, hard-working and enthusiastic.

Graphologist Tracey Trussell

Grafoig Tracey Trussell also examined the letter for "Daily Mail". She also shows from Meghan's writing she's a & # 39; keeps her own wishes. And also how much control their Duchess do & # 39; apply for its emotions and activities under control.

The speed of words is large and irregular, and that means that Meghans are in a position; Choosing her words cautiously – and she felt she was scared when he was in a position; writing.

The effects on the left (the strokes that spread up and back) to & # 39; show that she is really thinking about what happened in the past.

Ruth Myers, handwriting analysis

For Britain "Mirror", the handwriting analysis of Ruth Myers gave a more detailed look at the Meghan letter. "Meghan is always seeking praise and respect. She is an actress with ambition and energy."

She was "sensual," but "emotional, quite uncertain." The Duchess needed support from others. She could quickly move to self-sadness and be easily unhappy. Meghan was very emotional and he could say things quickly and regretted her. In addition, it looks like she has a strong mood. "She needs control and order in everything she does." She is aware of her beauty and too much fear of being hidden or not good enough.

Good equipment for life in the palace

According to Myers, Meghan has a misleading and ambition to achieve its goals. By limiting his feelings; She learned to be careful and did not say anything was considered. Although the statements are not familiar with Meghan, she – according to her handwriting and analysis with Myers – are the essential tools for living in the British palace. (PAF)

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