"Explain students and professor": UCV is carrying out a National Risk Agency


During this Tuesday afternoon, the Catholic University of Valparaíso confirmed that they are all defending against information presented among the students of that institution in terms of threatens to kill teachers and students a student of fourth year of Law.

"I am in the fourth year of law at the Valparaíso Catholic University, I have solved all my branches and I will try to killed by all teachers and students I can before I get rid of it ", telling about the visit that holds an anonymous account.

In the same line, the text says "I have a SCAR rifle, a pistol, a lot of weapons and some spoons. Hunting It starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon. "

Similarly, the words made by social networks are normal – in English, as long as the author of the words made a new post – by a & # 39; first publication – showing the enactment weapons what would he use?


As a result, the inspector confirmed that they gave every backdrop Both policemen and the Research Police, also say that they are doing a number of searches to establish more data on the newsletter.

Classes, The too, The were arrested, according to information Bio Bío Radio had access from the student environment.

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