Explain the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah with 10 MEGATON asteroid explosions, according to the Archaeologists of Science | News


In Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because the people were live sin of sin. According to the book of Genesis, "the Lord sent water on Sodom and Gomorrah by a stone and fire from the Lord out of heaven. And he destroyed those towns, and all the surrounding lands, always the towns, and all things that come from Earth. "

Scientists believe they have found the cities of the archives in archaeological rocks, but they are provides a more scientific explanation of why the places have been destroyed.

Archaeologists say that the cities were located on the north east edge of the Dead Sea, now known as Middle Ghor.

It is interesting that scientists have found strange minerals in the sites, which they say is the result of an asteroid that separates the spread of heat.

Radiocarbon data hosting this asteroid is about 3,700 years ago – which would be appropriate to the biblical timescale.

The researchers have asked the asteroid to attack the 3.7KYrBP Kikkar event and had produced 10 megatons.

Archaeologist and biophilicist, Phillip Silvia, Trinity Southwest University say that the explosion would be broken out in a 25cm wide range, and destroy any settlements near by hand.

Professor Silvia says that he and his town have been exposed to the ruins of the Tall el-Hammam chapel in the Bronze Age, near Sodom and Gomorrah, this place that is Given the biggest evidence of low asteroid explosion.

Professor Silvia and his team are writing on the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project search website: "The site started (at least) in the 4th year of the ECB , to prosper for at least a thousand years as an open agricultural community.

"But at the beginning of the 3 th anniversary of the ECB, a breach of drama was carried out in the comparative peace of the area, which caused Tall el-Hammam settlers to build a strong defense system, stone and mud mud wall wall.

"What causes the civilization of plain civilization of Jordan watered plain and revival revival for many centuries now comes out through analysis researchers & influences from the seven universities that participate.

"The most favorable agricultural land in the region, which has been a regular support for civilians for at least 3000 years, should be slowly deployed, and then, 39; however, people stay for a long time to submit an application.

"The physical evidence from Tall el-Hammam and the nearby sites show signs that are very damaging and likely to be expected from what is defined in Genesis 19

"The new examples / windows collected from Tall el-Hammam include evidence of superficial destruction and submerged contamination with Marbh Mara salt that would have prevented cultivation crop for many centuries after the event. "

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