Explain the right to "gold rent" as a different type of fungus and serious drugs. Patients should be able to; bone to talk to a doctor before eating it


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B.E. cultural expression "golden gold witchcraft" It's only the mushroom section on the roof. And different types of drugs Lowest places A patient can eat a duck But he needs to talk to a doctor. Leave a main medicine Look at the work of the hawks constantly.

We recommend if you use herbal materials Need to be used with an understanding, caution should not be used reasonably And you should talk to a doctor, pharmacist or professional practitioner with both herbal knowledge ron and when that herbal product is used consistently

Today (11 February) Dr. Thares Katsananawiriwong General Secretary of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that there are currently many users who use herbal materials for medicine or healthcare. What should be used with the right understanding, such as a "rent" or other names, such as Tong, Xia, grass, cold worms, hot worms, grass It is a type of Chinese medicine composed of the Cordyceps sinensis fungi, which is a grows from the part of butterfly larvae in the genus genus Hepialus armoricanus in the soil. It is usually used as a tonic or drug representation with other herbs. In a group of tonic collections, important material with rubbish has a removable effect. (Reasonable system) from important fungi materials And the effects of the black wave (urinary system) make this type of medicine very popular and expensive and rare.

Dr. Thares that is only a culture in the highest part of the fungus at this time. "Mushroom rush" except in the upper part of the mushroom And is a different type of fungus and fungus that is a rented drug So doing The characteristics of the drug as well as the real drugs In a patient with a drowsy disease, they can "rent" to help to fund their body. Help with & # 39; The balance of the work of the new system is much better Is it used in a format to help improve the main remedy, so the abandonment of its productivity; A major medicine with a medical practitioner And needs to be used with care in close medical care, as the kidney work may require a gradual study

"In addition, groups of general users who care for health should not use herbal substances again Should be used with an understanding So you should talk to a doctor, pharmacist or a professional practitioner who is familiar with herbs both before and when they use herbal products regularly, "said the Secretary General.

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