Explain those who have been accused: Americans 0-3 León


LOS ANGELES – Night of the night. The hottest night. Night of thunder Your enemies are my enemies. Signatures of the emigrant J. J. Macías and Ángel Mena. America 0-3 Leon.

When the Azteca Stadium and buyers spent the night's expectations on the strengthening of America's victory, the Nico Benedetti and Nico Castillo, the wrestlers were stole by two talented players in the Chivas and Cruz Azul.

They were not just those. Although he had his unexpected signature on an American disqualified network, his & her; rest of the campus is terrible. The green soldier opposed the Aztec.

León was much better than the Coapa team. EFE

Leon looked at America, in all corners of the court, and on a coach blackboard, although El Nido's technical staff wanted to be able to, make clear that the cloud scout does not show clear misty signs; war.

America defeated 23 unique games that were over the Azteca Estadio. On Saturday night, the lion did not paint it, it was a lot worse.

Without undoubtedly being more distressed by its competitiveness, the Lion players chose the Azteca information media to achieve it. They provide as it is desirable that they do; keep doing it in the competition.

J. J. Macias and Angel Mena, sent their victims' claims to direct phones directly to Chivas and Cruz Azul, without receiving them, on the right, real, honest, and loyalty to respond.

Macías wanted to send Zacatepec, a team in promoting Chivas sports director. The player did not want and in León he shows what he has done. He must explain that, which Ricardo Peláez got apart as # ElPelagatos2.0.

Right: Macias was not well placed in the Flock's cleaning room. Certainly, he did not drink, he did not stay up late, he did not go to large rooms of illness, he did not leave it from a wounded party, and he also fell He welcomed the parranderos.

In addition to all that, Macias has knowledge of languages, English masters, physical training, nutrition and training, all paying out of a pocket. They were named in Chivas: "El Hugo Sánchez".

It's easy to understand what kids … Why would they allow a healthy apple to be & # 39; affecting the stone apples? In particular to its main barriers: La Chofis López and El Avenger Polido.

Angel Macías? Pedro Caixinha released from the beginning. "He did not love the way he saw it," explained a perfect player at the time.

The Portuguese threw out from La Noria. Mena Caixinha made out of play and the team now who did not want to be strengthened: América.

The eagles? They had a wonderful and honorable honor: they were addressing her & her; battlelessness and inaccuracy. But Leon was better, he killed them in the straightforward answers, and he did not. They can do two more to Marchesín.

When the two Nicolases were on the court, the Azteca Estadio tribune warned them as if they were a savior. Did not happen. Leon asked that he was a sore, religious belief and belief that allowed them to win almost all of them.

And on the podium of the heroes, Rodolfo Cota must be added. With depression, revival or with that fortune from time to time of the archangers, with the loyalty of the defenders, eliminated the great efforts to get scoring.

The betting? He would have swallowed a penalty for each team. His work was disturbing both sides.

And, indeed, a generous image: that was frightened, contracted, a mixed face Nacho Ambriz, after 0-3. He had his face that was worried to be in a position; including great respect, revenge, vexation, long, long stored … that is, he's been America.

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