Exploration of official death expiration due to the abolition of Castilian


President of the Department of Madeira, Paulo Barreto, told Lusa Friday that an investigation had fallen down on Saturday in Calheta already opened, and as a result of the death of a restaurant worker.

Paulo Barreto said that the file (documents) related to the case is already registered by the Public Prosecutor's Office at Ponta do Sol Court (with the ability of the geographical area), saying that It is "essential to open a search out of his death"

On Saturday, after a landslide on the Calheta edge, a 23-year-old restaurant clerk was buried at 13:15.

His death was confirmed 10 hours later, when President of the Divisional Civil Service, José Dias, said: "Indeed, a mortal victim is lamenting this event."

Young woman's rescue work, which was a " lived in the Ponta do Pargo parish, in the town of Calheta, which includes 53 local Volunteer Firefighters, the Sapadores Firefighters of Funchal and PSP.

The victim of the victim had to provide mental support with his home, Calheta, Carlos Teles, said.

The maritime said that the level of the edges has "given many problems" over the years.

Work on the temporary restaurant closure system was built in the Marina da Calheta, but what was happening on Saturday usually went to work.

The owner's name, Manuel Jardim Barbosa, told Lusa that he did not understand why the project did not reinforce the affirmation into that area as well, saying that it warned the & # 39; authorities, but nothing has done.

The regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures, Amílcar Gonçalves, said, "the owner's version does not respond to the truth."

Talk to the media on the site, the government said, in 2012, when it was launched; The first intervention was that the owner was "strongly opposed to" any intervention in the area and blocked all practices for entertainment and acquisition

Amílcar Gonçalves emphasized the "overall opposition to the ban on the street" in that area.

Today, at a news conference, the sailor said that the town "has to preserve that there are false criminal statements that oppose the room," arguing that everyone needs "to accept their responsibilities."

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