Explore hundreds of toxic pine trees in Lam Dong


On November 22, Lam Dong People Committee stated that the vice chairman of the Lam Dong People Committee – Pham S has directed the executive department in the continent to investigate and investigate. The destruction of pine forest destruction by poisoning the trees in the cottage. Area 274 (Town 6, Gia Lam Commune, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong Department).

Explore hundreds of toxic pine trees in Lam Dong - Picture 1.

Pine woodland destruction in the Lam Ha area, Lam Dong division is measured and counted by authorities

In particular, the Lam Committee area of ​​the Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Lam Ha People Committee identified the lines found in this vast woodland destruction. At the same time, its company is a clarify duties and break up collections and individuals involved in deforestation, handling or handling. proposes to handle according to his abilities and report to the Lam Dong People Committee before the date of 11/11/2018.

Previously, Righteousness It was reported that hundreds of three-year-old pine trees age 25 to 40 cm in diameter and 25 to 40 cm in diameter.

Explore hundreds of toxic pine trees in Lam Dong - Picture 2.

Badges to move the tree and toxicate poison to the dead tree to destroy the pinewood

At the site, there was a large range of pine forests under sub-zone 274, the forest division under the governing body of Nam Trinh NR (in Hamlet 6, Gia Lam commune, Lam Ha district), waited for the day

Through investigation, 674 industrial poisonous activist forces made a mass of 16,800 m2South Westerly

Shortly after the event was discovered, Nam Ban's Forest Protection Board joined the local authorities and the units associated with the deployment of spilled oil into the hole to save the trees. However, only some of the things that appear back, and the leaves that are still yellow, scattered and split; die.

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