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A man attacking British Airways, says he dropped away from sitting by an air passenger for 12 hours.

A tourist attorney to British Airways, says that he has let him injure and lose earnings from his / her. Sit next to an emergency traveler on a 12 hour plane.

Stephen Prosser, 51, from Penygraig, South Wales, told the East Court in Pontypridd on Friday that the British Airways craft team noticed his warnings that he would have been injured if he had to sit by the man , the Media Association said.

Prosser, an unidentified civil engineer, said the person was "very big", 6 feet 4 and more than 300 pounds.

"That was what he needed to strengthen his peat between his arms and seats," said Prosser.

The man sat "with his knees tied to the throne in front and his rest of his body went into my home with some inches" route from Bangkok to London in January 2016, Prosser said.

"I immediately knew that this would be difficult for me and I can play the weight of its cleanest weight and a. Putting on my body high. This gave me the position of a supernatural job, "PA said he was saying.

Prosser, which is 5 feet 3, says he suffered stomach and injuries and injured it with a continuous spasm.

He said he had to visit a medicine for two years and restrained his position for three months.

Prosser said he complained to the crew but he was told that there were no other sets on the Boeing 777.

She told the court he was going to. protesting directly to the travelers, Prosser said he did not want to fight against each other, "and said the passengers were" self-aware ".

Prosser submissions were quested by Timothy Salisbury, British Airways, who stated that the applicant was "rejoicing" in comparing the passengers and the rugby player at New Zealand Jonah Lomu.

Chris McLindon, customer service manager on board the plane, said in a statement of evidence that the BBC said it was "rarely, to deal with such a complaint.

He said that Prosser was uncomfortable and that he sometimes slept long and as he was flying.

"I was often walking down the corridor and Mr Prosser was not sitting in an unnatural situation for an economy," he said.

"When Mr Prosser left the plane, I watched it down the jetty in a very normal way and did not show it hurt."

A British Airways spokeswoman said that his company has a " opposing the bids, but they had to give further consideration, the BBC said.

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