Extension of Event 7.2.3 updated


NVIDIA SHIELD TV is one of the best Android solutions you can go into a screen. As eternity is recognized, there is always refreshment, the update has now enabled the researchers to research it. The update includes sustainability improvements as well as a few new features. A list of the new GeForce-Now materials are available here. The following three points called NVIDIA under further improvements, in addition, the security updates were taken to December:

  • Add to the ability to restart your wireless network if wireless APs are not visible (Options> Network> Network without restarting)
  • Development of customization for HDMI-CEC energy control
  • Supports the blown-up Elite XBOX Governor

With André's colleague, the update has improved, so it's also very good for this. This is indeed not a major update, but it would always be good to see how maintaining a product is done here.

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