Extra-light clay air can be used to protect spaceboards


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Nutrients are formed by removing moisture from a long while & as they maintain the gel structure. The content that comes out is a n; provides a very effective logo. (Image Source: NASA)

Scientists have created a solid, solid air conditioning that can face large heat and hard temperatures, and can be used to protect spacecraft at the same time as come.

Ceramic scarves were used to use business tools since the 1990s, and were used to use scientific devices on the Mars rover at NASA.

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However, the new version, developed by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the US, is much more sustainable after being involved in massive heat and seasonal spices, and many lighter.

The atomic shape and its unique microscopic structure makes it unusual, unusual, according to the study published in the Science magazine.

When heated, replacements are instead of expanding as a pottery, researchers said.

He also makes a contract right up to the route that he is urgent – a & # 39; Think to press a tennis member on board and to go to; incorporating the middle of the inner wall to a & # 39; expand – the opposition to how most materials will be come when they are in shape.

As a result, the product is far more flexible and faster than the latest ceramic engines.

Five percent of its original material can be enriched and fully restored, while other engines can not be directly converted to around 20 per cent and then be on the take it back.

Despite more than 99 per cent of their volume on air, hard and structured horns are very strong for their weight. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, including pottery, carbon or metal metal.

Compared with other appliances, exercise is based on better tasks in preventing large temperatures, and have a highly ambitious and highly resistant and fiercely resistant – every feature that is provides a good opportunity for a renewable spacecraft.

However, current ceramic ejections are very sad and are likely to break after then going to & # 39; appearing in great heat and drama drama, and both are common in space travel.

The new material is made of orange seamless nitride seamless, with atoms attached to szagan patterns, such as hen-wire.

In the search, the material was up to conditions that would usually be used to; breaking other horns.

He stood up hundreds of exposures to humidity spices suddenly and well when the engineers built the temperature in a test vessel, with no 198 degrees Celsius and 900 degrees above zero over just a few seconds.

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In another test, he lost less than one percent of his mechanical strength after being stored for one week at 1,400 Celsius levels.

"The key to the sustainability of our new clay machine is to be a unique architecture. Rescue flexibility helps to make the weather from large heat and temperature temperatures that cause other ceramic phones, "Xiangfeng Duan, UCLA professor, supervised the study.

Normal ceramic materials usually grow when they are heated and their; condition when cooling. Over time, these repetitive temperature changes can break and break those materials; the end.

The new airgel was designed to be more sustainable by doing just the other way – it's a & # 39; contract rather than expand when heated.

Duan said that project researchers had been developed so that the new machine could also be adapted to make other lightweight products.

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